College of Humanities and Social Sciences



  • Aziz Abubshait

    Aziz Abubshait

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Mind perception, human-robot interaction, social cognition

  • Leah M Adams

    Leah M Adams

    Assistant Professor

    Clinical Psychology: HIV risk & prevention among high-risk groups; Psychosocial aspects of chronic disease and traumatic injury management

  • Balca Alaybek

    Balca Alaybek

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: judgment and decision-making, job performance, cybersecurity incident response team effectiveness, and research methods.

  • Xiaozhu An

    Xiaozhu An

    Applied Developmental Psychology: teacher-student interactions, classroom quality, inclusive education, and behavior modifications.

  • Michael D Anderson

    Michael D Anderson

    Adjunct Faculty

    Neuroscience, Substance Use Disorders, Cognitive Impairment, Motor Degeneration

  • Brianna Artz

    Brianna Artz

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Canine cognition & behavior and human-animal interactions

  • Giorgio Ascoli

    Giorgio Ascoli

    University Professor, Department of Bioengineering

    Molecular Neuroscience Department: Description and generation of dendritic morphology, hippocampus, human memory, neuron classification, semantic maps

  • Kathleen A Aux

    Kathleen A Aux

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Wendy Baccus

    Wendy Baccus

    Biological Motion, Visual Perception, Spatial Navigation, Social Perception

  • Carryl Baldwin

    Carryl Baldwin

    Associate Chair

    Associate Professor

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Transportation and Auditory research

  • Daniela Barragan

    Daniela Barragan

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Driver Inattention, Mental Workload, and Perception

  • Nicole Beadles

    Nicole Beadles

    Director, School Psychology Program

    School Psychology

  • Paul Beatty

    Paul Beatty

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Attention, sensory processes, performance monitoring, subjective confidence, neuroimaging techniques

  • Laura Ranae Bernard

    Laura Ranae Bernard

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Alok Bhupatkar
  • Martin J Biskup

    Martin J Biskup

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: narrative identity, motivation, and psychological well-being

  • Avrama Kim Blackwell

    Avrama Kim Blackwell

    Professor, Department of Bioengineering

    Molecular Neuroscience Department: Computational and experimental approaches to the biophysical and biochemical mechanisms of long term memory storage, understanding the cellular and molecular events underlying the discrimination of spatio-temporal patterns by neurons

  • Deborah A. Boehm-Davis

    Deborah A. Boehm-Davis

    University Professor

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: How human performance is helped or hindered by the design of tools that help us accomplish everyday tasks.

  • Aaron B Booth

    Aaron B Booth

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Emily Boren

    Emily Boren

    Clinical Psychology: Clinical psychology: offender rehabilitation, values and character strengths, psychopathy

  • Lauren Breithaupt

    Lauren Breithaupt

    Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience, Eating Disorders

  • Jennifer Brielmaier

    Jennifer Brielmaier

    Assistant Professor

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Louis C Buffardi

    Louis C Buffardi

    Associate Professor

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Work and family issues, human error, individual differences.

  • M Susan Burns

    M Susan Burns


  • Catherine Byrne

    Catherine Byrne

    Clinical Psychology: the dissemination of evidence-based treatments for eating disorders, the etiology and maintenance of body dissatisfaction and disordered eating, and eating disorder prevention and early intervention


  • Jose A Calvo

    Jose A Calvo

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Nicole A Campbell
  • Sarah Carter

    Sarah Carter

    Clinical Psychology: PTSD and reactions to stress, suicide, military couples, social support, romantic relationships

  • Lauren B Cattaneo

    Lauren B Cattaneo

    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: Intimate partner violence, client-centered services, empowerment, community-based learning, civic engagement

  • David D Cerri

    David D Cerri

    Lab Manager

  • Tara Chaplin

    Tara Chaplin

    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: Emotion regulation and the development of psychopathology and substance use in adolescence; Parent-focused interventions; Bio-psycho-social models of emotion

  • Ho Kwan Cheung

    Ho Kwan Cheung

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Diversity and Discrimination in the workplace, Occupational Health Psychology, Cross-cultural issues at work

  • Jihyae Choe

    Jihyae Choe

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Cognitive development, academic achievement, cross-culture, second language acquisition, socio-emotional competence, and education policy

  • Steven Chong
  • Linda Doss Chrosniak

    Linda Doss Chrosniak

    Associate Professor

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: learning and memory processes in both humans and animals

  • Dean Cisler

    Dean Cisler

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Natalie Coschigano
  • Lydia Craig

    Lydia Craig

    Employee well-being, career decision-making, friendship, leisure

  • Kristen Craven

    Kristen Craven

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Alzheimer's Disease (specifically tau pathology), & Traumatic Brain Injury in animal models

  • Mary S. Curby

    Mary S. Curby

    Adjunct Faculty

    aggression, relational aggression, preventative interventions, assessment, clinical treatment

  • Timothy W Curby

    Timothy W Curby

    Associate Professor

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Classrooms as a context for student learning and development; Teacher–student interactions; Classroom quality and variability; Social-emotional teaching, Quantitative Methods.


  • Reeshad S. Dalal

    Reeshad S. Dalal

    Associate Professor

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Job performance, judgment and decision-making, work situations, personality, job attitudes and job-related mood/emotions, and psychological approaches to the study of cybersecurity.

  • Jasmine Sierra Dang

    Jasmine Sierra Dang

    Vigilance Tasks, Wearable Interfaces, Driving, and Human-Computer Interaction

  • Doris Bitler Davis

    Doris Bitler Davis

    Associate Professor

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Animal behavior and cognition, especially communication, social hierarchy, and the effects of domestication; the teaching of psychology

  • Jordan M. Daylor

    Jordan M. Daylor

    Clinical Psychology: Forensic psychology, offender rehabilitation, program evaluation

  • Ewart de Visser

    Ewart de Visser

    PI of the TRUMAN Lab

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Annamarie Defayette

    Annamarie Defayette

    adolescence, suicide, self-regulatory processes, prevention and intervention

  • Susanne A Denham

    Susanne A Denham

    University Professor

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Social and emotional development of children

  • Jennifer DiMauro

    Jennifer DiMauro

    Clinical Psychology: psychopathological responses to trauma

  • David J Disabato

    David J Disabato

    Clinical Psychology: Anxiety, Depression, Well-being, Strengths, Quantitative Methods

  • Erin Doherty

    Erin Doherty

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

  • John Donnelly
  • Jim Doorley
  • Samantha Dubrow

    Samantha Dubrow

    teams, multiteam systems, team science, social network analysis, healthcare, emergency response

  • Ted Dumas

    Ted Dumas

    Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Krasnow Institute

    Neural substrates of memory, neural and cognitive development, stress and behavioral control, real-time brain activity focus in a multidisciplinary setting

  • Sarah Dziura

    Sarah Dziura

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: visual perception, social cognition, social network analysis


  • Jesse L Eisert
  • Christianne Esposito-Smythers

    Christianne Esposito-Smythers

    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: adolescent suicide, adolescent substance abuse, development of cognitive behavioral prevention and intervention programs for adolescent mental health problems

  • Elizabeth Esser-Adomako

    Elizabeth Esser-Adomako

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: visual attention, eyetracking, threat-perception, implicit biases, race-based biases, and trait anxiety


  • Jason Feinberg

    Jason Feinberg

    Psychological well-being, emotion regulation, positive psychology

  • Jeffrey Fernandez

    Jeffrey Fernandez

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Sarah Fischer

    Sarah Fischer

    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: personality traits and psychosocial factors influencing the co-morbidity and maintenance of addictive behavior patterns

  • Laura Fletcher

    Laura Fletcher

    Industrial-Organizational Psychology: cross-cultural issues, teams dynamics, networks, communication / information sharing

  • Jane M Flinn

    Jane M Flinn

    Associate Professor

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: The role of metals in learning and memory, including their role in Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury (TBI)

  • Bradley Gerald Flood

    Bradley Gerald Flood

    Budget and Grants Administrator

  • Johanna Folk

    Johanna Folk

    Clinical Psychology: offender rehabilitation, community connectedness, emotion regulation

  • Cyrus K Foroughi

    Cyrus K Foroughi

    Cognitive Scientist

    Attentional Control, Automation, Cognitive Training, Expertise, Interruptions, & Video Games

  • Annie M. L. Fox

    Annie M. L. Fox

    Clinical Psychology: trauma, romantic relationships, health psychology, military and veteran populations

  • Susanne M Furman

    Susanne M Furman



  • James Gaudaen
  • Kris T. Gebhard

    Kris T. Gebhard

    Clinical Psychology: interpersonal violence, violence against trans women, empowerment

  • Maria A Genova
  • Sarah T. Giff

    Sarah T. Giff

    Clinical Psychology: PTSD, couples, military psychology, interpersonal impacts of psychopathology

  • Christine Golden

    Christine Golden

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Thalia R Goldstein

    Thalia R Goldstein

    Assistant Professor

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Developmental Psychology; Social Cognitive Development; Social and Emotional Learning; Play, Pretend, Imagination; Theatre, Drama and The Arts

  • Stefanie F Gonçalves

    Stefanie F Gonçalves

    Clinical Psychology: emotion-related impulsivity, adolescents, substance use, fMRI

  • Fallon Rachael Goodman

    Fallon Rachael Goodman

    Clinical Psychology: social anxiety; emotion regulation; well-being

  • Jennifer P Green

    Jennifer P Green

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: personality, research methods

  • Jordan Greenburg

    Jordan Greenburg

    grade retention; delayed school entry; academic outcomes for low-income and minority populations

  • Pamela M. Greenwood

    Pamela M. Greenwood

    Associate Professor

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Genetic modulation of cognitive and brain aging, interventions for cognitive aging (behavioral and non-invasive brain stimulation).

  • Michelle Gryczkowski

    Michelle Gryczkowski

    Adjunct Faculty



  • Seth Kaplan

    Seth Kaplan

    Associate Professor

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Employee well-being; Emotions at work; Job attitudes; personality; Individual and team performance in crises and extreme environments; flexible work arrangements; telework; metaperceptions; measurement and statistical issues

  • Todd B. Kashdan

    Todd B. Kashdan


    Clinical Psychology: Anxiety, emotions, purpose in life, how personal strengths operate in everyday life, social relationships, and how to foster and sustain happiness and meaning in life.

  • Hilah K Kaufman

    Hilah K Kaufman

    Adjunct Faculty

    Clinical Psychology

  • Shane Kelly

    Shane Kelly

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Kerry Kelso
  • William G. Kennedy

    William G. Kennedy

    Assistant Professor

    Computational cognitive modeling, computational social science

  • Julie K Kidd

    Julie K Kidd


  • Richard J. Klimoski

    Richard J. Klimoski


    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Effective management of teams; Strengthening the human side of work organizations.

  • William R Kochen

    William R Kochen

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: The role of metals in Tauopathies and Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Spencer Kohn

    Spencer Kohn

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Trust in Automation, Trust Repair, & Human-Automation Teams

  • MaryJo A Kolze

    MaryJo A Kolze

    Leadership development, Leader identity, Systems thinking, Cross-Cultural psychology, Well-being

  • Wenmo Kong

    Wenmo Kong

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Olga Kornienko

    Olga Kornienko

    Assistant Professor

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Child & Adolescent Development, Peer Networks, Peer Influence, Development of Ethnically Diverse and Immigrant Youth, Psychological Adjustment, Health-Risk Behavior, Social Network Analysis, Social Neuroendocrinology (Cortisol and Testosterone)

  • Stephen Krauss
  • Lauren E. Kuykendall

    Lauren E. Kuykendall

    Assistant Professor

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Worker well-being; worker health; work-life issues; leisure; emotions; positive worker characteristics; work stress and stress management; gender and well-being.


  • Jennifer Lafreniere
  • Diane Lameira

    Diane Lameira

    Clinical Psychology: Clinical Psychology: Mood Disorders, Exercise interventions

  • Yi-Ching Lee

    Yi-Ching Lee

    Assistant Professor

    Driver attention, emotion, and behavior; diagnostic driving; experiential learning; incentives and behavior change

  • Xue Lei

    Xue Lei

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Work motivation,emotions,employee well-being,occupational health psychology, and research methods

  • Samuel Leslie
  • Qingzhe Li
  • Stephen Lippi

    Stephen Lippi

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: The effects of zinc in transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease; how graduate students/professors can improve student performance in the classroom

  • Jennifer M Loya

    Jennifer M Loya

    Clinical Psychology: Substance misuse and borderline personality disorder among formerly incarcerated individuals

  • Hao Lyu

    Hao Lyu

    Early childhood education, Patterning instruction and Cognitive intervention in student learning.

  • Robert López Jr.

    Robert López Jr.

    Clinical Psychology: assessment; adolescence; emotion regulation; self-injurious thoughts and behaviors


  • James E Maddux

    James E Maddux

    Emeritus Faculty

    Clinical Psychology: My major scholarly interest is the interface of social, clinical, and health psychology, which is concerned with the ways that theory and research from social psychology can help us understand psychological adjustment, psychological disorders, and health-related behavior. My professional mission is to enhance well-being around the world through the promotion of psychological science.

  • Arielle Mandell

    Arielle Mandell

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Trust, Vigilance, Social Robotics, Cognition

  • Marcella Stephens Marcey

    Marcella Stephens Marcey

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Elpiniki Marchesini

    Elpiniki Marchesini

    Applied Developmental Psychology: whole-school improvement via multi-tiered service delivery models; collaboration between special and general educators; benefits of social-emotional teaching on a variety of student outcomes

  • Hannah M Markell

    Hannah M Markell

    Industrial Organizational Psychology: Methodology, Work-family, Discrimination, Statistical Analyses

  • Molly Martini

    Molly Martini

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Dynamic Display Design and its Effects on Human Behavior

  • Caitlin Mauger
  • Lanita McCullerses
  • Craig McDonald

    Craig McDonald

    Associate Professor

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Cognitive control, action monitoring, selective attention

  • Ryan McGarry

    Ryan McGarry

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Distribution of Visual Attention, Cognitive Aging, and Cognitive Training using EEG and MRI

  • Joseph Peter McGuinness

    Joseph Peter McGuinness

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Patrick E McKnight

    Patrick E McKnight

    Associate Professor

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Research methods and data analysis with a particular interest in measurement.

  • Kathleen McQuillan
  • Emily Medvin

    Emily Medvin

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Robyn Mehlenbeck

    Robyn Mehlenbeck

    Director- GMU Center for Psychological Services

    Clinical Psychology: adolescent, medical, eating, diabetes

  • Ashley A Membere

    Ashley A Membere

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Jerry L Mize

    Jerry L Mize

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Social development in children and adolescents. An emphasis on peer relationships and contextual influences on development. Secondary interest in bullying, aggression, and maladjustment.

  • Alex Moffett

    Alex Moffett

    Applied Developmental Psychology

  • Mandana Kinoshita Mohtasham

    Mandana Kinoshita Mohtasham

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Applied Developmental Psychology

  • Ali Momen

    Ali Momen

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Neuroscience, Social Psychology, and Robotics

  • Samuel Monfort

    Samuel Monfort

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Automation, Attention, Stress, Measurement, and Statistics

  • Rebecca Susan Morse

    Rebecca Susan Morse

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Heather Melissa Mullins

    Heather Melissa Mullins

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Kaitlyn A Mumma

    Kaitlyn A Mumma

    Applied Developmental Psychology

  • Erin Quinlivan Murdoch

    Erin Quinlivan Murdoch

    Assistant Professor


  • Jennifer Nicole Nakamura
  • Caroline L.C. Neely

    Caroline L.C. Neely

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Traumatic brain injury; chronic traumatic encephalopathy; therioepistemology; statistics

  • Rachel Nguyen

    Rachel Nguyen

    Visual Attention and Search, Visuo-spatial Cognition, Human-Computer Interaction, and Statistics

  • Claire E Niehaus

    Claire E Niehaus

    Clinical Psychology: Parenting, prevention of adolescent risk behaviors, promotion of adaptive parenting in low-income communities


  • Lauren C Paige

    Lauren C Paige

    Clinical Psychology: PTSD and other trauma-related disorders; post-trauma functioning; treatment-seeking behaviors; resilience and coping factors

  • Naomi Pak

    Naomi Pak

    Clinical Psychology: Eating disorders in adolescents, barriers to recovery, interventions, treatment outcomes

  • Mayra Parada
  • Robert Pasnak

    Robert Pasnak


    Applied Developmental Psychology: Children and life span development- particularly helping children who lag in cognitive development catch up to their peers.

  • Ally Patterson

    Ally Patterson

    Applied Developmental Psychology

  • Karin Alicia Pedemonte

    Karin Alicia Pedemonte

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Matthew S. Peterson

    Matthew S. Peterson

    Associate Professor

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Visual attention, eye movements, working memory, attentional control, brain plasticity, and cognitive training

  • Vanessa Peterson

    Vanessa Peterson

    Undergraduate Program Coordinator

  • Jennifer Poon
  • Kyleigh Purks



  • Laura Rabbitt

    Laura Rabbitt

    Working Memory, EEG, Eye tracking, Pupillometry, Face Recognition, Memory

  • Raul Gabriel Ramirez

    Raul Gabriel Ramirez

    Sustained Attention, Workload, Physiological Workload Measures

  • Justin Ramsdell

    Justin Ramsdell

    Assistant Professor

    Forensic Psychology

  • Keith D Renshaw

    Keith D Renshaw


    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: Anxiety, stress/trauma reactions, and interpersonal relationships, with a particular focus on romantic relationships in which one partner has experienced a traumatic event.

  • Kristin Repchick

    Kristin Repchick

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Courtney Ricciardi

    Courtney Ricciardi

    advanced course selection, access to gifted programs, tracking, educational outcomes for low-income and minority populations

  • Susan Ridley

    Susan Ridley

    Office Manager

  • John H Riskind

    John H Riskind


    Clinical Psychology: Cognitive-behavioral research, treatment, and theory of anxiety, mood, and related disorders.

  • Daniel Micah Roberts

    Daniel Micah Roberts

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Auditory Cognition and Mental Workload Assessment

  • Johannes Rojahn

    Johannes Rojahn


    Applied Developmental Psychology: Intellectual and developmental disabilities, especially [1] challenging behaviors and other forms of psychopathology (assessment, applied behavior analysis, epidemiology) and [2] socio-emotional development and social adaptation. For free access to the Behavior Problems Inventory (BPI-01 and BPI-S) see below.

  • Alexa N Roth

    Alexa N Roth

    social-emotional development, the achievement gap, early childhood education

  • Ellen Rowe

    Ellen Rowe

    Associate Professor

    School Psychology: Areas of assessment and measurement with children.


  • Andrew Christopher Salatino
  • James F Sanford

    James F Sanford

    Emeritus Faculty

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Melissa Scheldrup

    Melissa Scheldrup

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: neuroenhancement, cognitive training, non-invasive brain stimulation, individual differences in training, use of automation tools in training

  • Shannon Schrader

    Shannon Schrader

    Clinical Psychology; offender rehabilitation, jail-based interventions, self-control

  • Tyler H. Shaw

    Tyler H. Shaw

    Associate Professor

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Vigilance or sustained attention, Human-Computer interaction, trust in automation, team performance.

  • Maximillian L Shear

    Maximillian L Shear

    Applied Developmental Psychology

  • Eric B Shiraev

    Eric B Shiraev

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Rachel Shor

    Rachel Shor

    Clinical Psychology: implicit social cognition, interpersonal trauma, empowerment, multiculturalism

  • Daniel B Shore

    Daniel B Shore

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Statistical and Meta Analysis, Teams, Leadership, Job Performance, Rewards and Motivation, and Decision Making.

  • Jerome Short

    Jerome Short

    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: Well-being; exercise; physical health and longevity; mental health apps; social support; and help-seeking.

  • Amber G Shriver

    Amber G Shriver

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Relationship between Executive Functioning and Weight Management in Early Childhood; Educational Trajectories of Children with Emotional Disability (ED)

  • Michael Shulman

    Michael Shulman

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Teams, Multi Team Systems, Leadership

  • Meghann L Smith
  • Robert F Smith

    Robert F Smith


    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: The effects of adolescent drug consumption, especially nicotine.

  • Tyler Jeffrey Smith

    Tyler Jeffrey Smith

    Budget and Grants Administrator

  • Candice T. Stanfield-Wiswell

    Candice T. Stanfield-Wiswell

    Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience: Time Perception, Attention, Psychophysics

  • Melissa Stiksma

    Melissa Stiksma

    Clinical psychology: Psychological flexibility, distress tolerance, social anxiety disorder, positive psychology

  • Lucia Stillerova
  • Laura Stokes

    Laura Stokes

    Teacher professional development, psychology, developmental psychology, classroom quality

  • Jeffrey B Stuewig

    Jeffrey B Stuewig

    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: Developmental psychopathology, the moral emotions of shame and guilt, family violence, evaluation, and more generally centering around the topic of risk and antisocial behavior.


  • June P Tangney

    June P Tangney

    University Professor

    Clinical Psychology: * Moral emotions (e.g., shame, guilt, empathy) * Values and virtues (e.g., humility, forgiveness, self-compassion) * Self control generally, and emotion regulation specifically * Borderline Personality Disorder * Brief interventions for jail inmates * Motivational Interviewing * Mindfulness-based Interventions * Values Affirmations * Restorative Justice-themed Interventions * Reducing Substance Misuse * Reducing HIV risk behavior

  • Tanya Tavassolie

    Tanya Tavassolie

    Applied Developmental Psychology: School Readiness, High-Stakes Testing in Elementary School, Academic Success of Migrant Children

  • Lois E Tetrick

    Lois E Tetrick

    University Professor

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Occupational health psychology including stress, work-family, and safety; the employee-organization relationship including psychological contracts, social exchange theory, and the norm of reciprocity; organizational climate and culture; innovation and creativity; positive aging and retirement transitions; cross-cultural aspects of industrial organizational psychology.

  • Brittany Thompson

    Brittany Thompson

    Mechanisms impacting social and emotional development; pretend play; measurement

  • James C Thompson

    James C Thompson

    Associate Professor

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Examining how we recognize human movement and make sense of other peoples' actions and how this can be applied in specialized settings such as surveillance and in conditions in which human movement recognition may be impaired.

  • Elisa M Torres

    Elisa M Torres

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Industrial and Organizational Psychology: leadership, team dynamics, and multiteam systems (MTSs)

  • Greg Trafton

    Greg Trafton

    Affiliate/Adjunct Professor

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Paige J Trojanowski

    Paige J Trojanowski

    Clinical Psychology: disordered eating, social comparison, body dissatisfaction, neuroimaging

  • Jillian Reba Troxler

    Jillian Reba Troxler

    Applied Developmental Psychology: social-emotional development, school readiness, at risk populations

  • Stephanie Tulk

    Stephanie Tulk

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Modeling, Artificial Intelligence and Citizen Science


  • Michael Waltrip
  • Patrick P. Weis

    Patrick P. Weis

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: embodied cognition, human-technology-interfaces, predictive coding

  • Emma D Whitmyre

    Emma D Whitmyre

    Clinical Psychology: Adolescent mental health and risky behavior, suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation, intervention work for at-risk adolescents, assessment of service use

  • Martin Wiener

    Martin Wiener

    Assistant Professor

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Cognitive Neuroscience, Time Perception, Space Perception, Datasharing

  • Eva Wiese

    Eva Wiese

    Assistant Professor

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Social Robotics and Embodied cognition in HCI

  • Angelique B Williams
  • Caitlin Williams

    Caitlin Williams

    Clinical Psychology: Health risk behaviors (e.g. substance use, risky sexual behaviors), non-traditional interventions, adolescence, family and peer relationships, social media use in college students

  • Elizabeth A Wine

    Elizabeth A Wine

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Adam Winsler

    Adam Winsler

    Associate Chair


    Applied Developmental Psychology: Children's transition to school, development of self-regulation/executive functioning, private speech, bilingual language development, the arts and child development, and educational success and equity for children of color

  • Carolyn Winslow

    Carolyn Winslow

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Joseph A Wonderlich

    Joseph A Wonderlich

    Clinical Psychology: Impulsivity, Neuroimaging, Emotion Dysregulation

  • Carol Mindy Wong

    Carol Mindy Wong

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: job crafting, older workers, cross-cultural issues, well-being

  • Logan Woodhouse


  • Semret Yibass
  • Syeda Younus

    Syeda Younus

    Clinical Psychology: community resilience; help-seeking and service utilization; acculturation and acculturative stress; minority stress


  • Stephen Zaccaro

    Stephen Zaccaro


    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Steve has directed (or co-directed) funded research projects in the areas of multiteam systems, cyber security incident response teams, team performance, team mental models, leader-team interfaces, leadership training and development, leader adaptability, and executive coaching.

  • Holly Alyse Zanville

    Holly Alyse Zanville

    Adjunct Faculty

    School Psychology

  • Ze Zhu

    Ze Zhu

    Well-being, leisure, recovery, counterproductive work behaviors

  • Kevin Zish

    Kevin Zish

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Human Factors