Kristina Marisa Volgenau

Kristina Marisa Volgenau

Kristina Marisa Volgenau

Graduate Research Assistant

Clinical Psychology: Psychological Well-being, Health Behaviors, Biological Mechanisms

Kristina is a fifth year, Clinical Psychology, doctoral student working with Dr. Leah Adams. She received her B.A., at the University of South Florida, in Psychology with a minor in Spanish Culture and Language. She spent her Post-Bacc years running a NIDA funded clinical trial targeting Distress Intolerance as an underlying mechanism Substance Use Disorders. Her current research focuses on the understanding individual differences through a Whole person perspective. She focuses on  Psychological Well-Being (i.e., mental health and mental illness) and how this relates to underlying biological mechanisms (e.g. Circadian Rhythm, Infradian Rhythm), health behaviors (e.g. sleep, nutrition and exercise) and health conditions (e.g., HIV, Chronic Pain). She is also interested in finding ways to support health and wellbeing for individuals of minority groups. In her free time she enjoys hiking, yoga and photography. 

Selected Publications

Doorley, J. D., Volgenau, K. M., Kelso, K. C., Kashdan, T. B., & Shackman, A. J. (2020). Do people with elevated social anxiety respond differently to digital and face-to-face communications? Two daily diary studies with null effects. Journal of affective disorders, 276, 859-865.


Merrigan, J. J., Volgenau, K. M., McKay, A., Mehlenbeck, R., Jones, M. T., & Gallo, S. (2021). Bidirectional Associations between Physical Activity and Sleep in Early-Elementary-Age Latino Children with Obesity. Sports, 9(2), 26.


Disabato, D. J., Kashdan, T. B., Doorley, J. D., Kelso, K. C., Volgenau, K. M., Devendorf, A. R., & Rottenberg, J. (2021). Optimal well-being in the aftermath of anxiety disorders: A 10-year longitudinal investigation. Journal of Affective Disorders, 291, 110-117.


Volgenau, K. M., Hokes, K. E., Hacker, N., & Adams, L. M. (2022). A network analysis approach to understanding the relationship between childhood trauma and wellbeing later in life. Child Psychiatry & Human Development, 1-14.


Volgenau, K.M., Kashdan, T.B., & Adams, L.M. A Comprehensive Examination of Sleep and Well-being Using a Network Analysis Approach. (Revise & Resubmit)


Adams, L.M., Volgenau, K.M., Hunt, A., & Patel, K.V. Examining the Impact of Co-occurring Symptoms Among Older Adults Using Three Analytic Techniques. (In-Progress)


Adams, L.M., Volgenau, K.M., & Regalario, I. An understanding of Psychological Wellbeing in Women Living with Co-occurring HIV and Chronic Pain. (In-Progress)


Hunt, A., Volgenau, K.M., & Adams, L.M. Revisiting HIV knowledge measures: An Item Response Theory analysis of novel HIV knowledge measurement. (In-Progress)