College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Assistants


  • Aziz Abubshait

    Aziz Abubshait

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Mind perception, human-robot interaction, social cognition

  • Balca Alaybek

    Balca Alaybek

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: judgment and decision-making, job performance, cybersecurity incident response team effectiveness, and research methods.

  • Xiaozhu An

    Xiaozhu An

    Applied Developmental Psychology: teacher-student interactions, classroom quality, inclusive education, and behavior modifications.

  • Brianna Artz

    Brianna Artz

    Canine cognition & behavior and human-animal interactions


  • Wendy Baccus

    Wendy Baccus

    Biological Motion, Visual Perception, Spatial Navigation

  • Daniela Barragan

    Daniela Barragan

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Driver Inattention, Mental Workload, and Perception

  • Paul Beatty

    Paul Beatty

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Attention, sensory processes, performance monitoring, subjective confidence, neuroimaging techniques

  • Martin J Biskup

    Martin J Biskup

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: narrative identity, motivation, and psychological well-being

  • Aaron B Booth

    Aaron B Booth

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Emily Boren

    Emily Boren

    Clinical Psychology: Clinical psychology: offender rehabilitation, values and character strengths, psychopathy

  • Lauren Breithaupt

    Lauren Breithaupt

    Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience, Eating Disorders

  • Catherine Byrne

    Catherine Byrne

    Clinical Psychology: the dissemination of evidence-based treatments for eating disorders, the etiology and maintenance of body dissatisfaction and disordered eating, and eating disorder prevention and early intervention


  • Jose A Calvo

    Jose A Calvo

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Nicole A Campbell
  • Sarah Carter

    Sarah Carter

    Clinical Psychology: PTSD and reactions to stress, suicide, military couples, social support, romantic relationships

  • Ho Kwan Cheung

    Ho Kwan Cheung

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Diversity and Discrimination in the workplace, Occupational Health Psychology, Cross-cultural issues at work

  • Jihyae Choe

    Jihyae Choe

    Cognitive development, early intervention, academic achievement, cross-culture, second language acquisition, and socio-emotional competence

  • Steven Chong
  • Dean Cisler

    Dean Cisler

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Natalie Coschigano
  • Lydia Craig

    Lydia Craig

    Employee well-being, career decision-making, friendship, leisure

  • Kristen Craven

    Kristen Craven

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Alzheimer's Disease (specifically tau pathology), & Traumatic Brain Injury in animal models


  • Jasmine Sierra Dang

    Jasmine Sierra Dang

    Vigilance Tasks, Wearable Interfaces, Driving, and Human-Computer Interaction

  • Jordan M. Daylor

    Jordan M. Daylor

    Clinical Psychology: Forensic psychology, offender rehabilitation, program evaluation

  • Annamarie Defayette

    Annamarie Defayette

    adolescence, suicide, self-regulatory processes, prevention and intervention

  • Jennifer DiMauro

    Jennifer DiMauro

    Clinical Psychology: psychopathological responses to trauma

  • David J Disabato

    David J Disabato

    Clinical Psychology: Anxiety, Depression, Well-being, Strengths, Quantitative Methods

  • Jim Doorley

    Jim Doorley

    Clinical Psychology: adolescent suicide, adolescent alcohol and substance abuse, suicide prevention, risk factors for mental health issues in adolescence

  • Samantha Dubrow

    Samantha Dubrow

    teams, multiteam systems, team science, social network analysis, healthcare, emergency response

  • Sarah Dziura

    Sarah Dziura

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: visual perception, social cognition, social network analysis



  • Jason Feinberg

    Jason Feinberg

    Psychological well-being, emotion regulation, positive psychology

  • Laura Fletcher

    Laura Fletcher

    Industrial-Organizational Psychology: cross-cultural issues, teams dynamics, networks, communication / information sharing

  • Johanna Folk

    Johanna Folk

    Clinical Psychology: offender rehabilitation, community connectedness, emotion regulation

  • Annie M. L. Fox

    Annie M. L. Fox

    Clinical Psychology: trauma, romantic relationships, health psychology, military and veteran populations


  • James Gaudaen
  • Kris T. Gebhard

    Kris T. Gebhard

    Clinical Psychology: interpersonal violence, violence against trans women, empowerment

  • Sarah Thomas Giff

    Sarah Thomas Giff

    Clinical Psychology: PTSD, couples, military psychology, interpersonal impacts of psychopathology

  • Stefanie F Gonçalves

    Stefanie F Gonçalves

    Clinical Psychology: emotion-related impulsivity, adolescents, substance use, fMRI

  • Fallon Rachael Goodman

    Fallon Rachael Goodman

    Clinical Psychology: social anxiety; emotion regulation; well-being

  • Jennifer P Green

    Jennifer P Green

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: personality, research methods

  • Jordan Greenburg

    Jordan Greenburg

    grade retention; delayed school entry; academic outcomes for low-income and minority populations



  • Shane Kelly

    Shane Kelly

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Kerry Kelso
  • William R Kochen

    William R Kochen

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: The role of metals in Tauopathies and Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Spencer Kohn

    Spencer Kohn

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Trust in Automation, Trust Repair, & Human-Automation Teams

  • MaryJo A Kolze

    MaryJo A Kolze

    Leadership development, Leader identity, Systems thinking, Cross-Cultural psychology, Well-being

  • Wenmo Kong

    Wenmo Kong

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology


  • Diane Lameira

    Diane Lameira

    Clinical Psychology: Mood Disorders, Exercise interventions

  • Xue Lei

    Xue Lei

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Work motivation,emotions,employee well-being,occupational health psychology, and research methods

  • Samuel Leslie
  • Bridget Lewis
  • Qingzhe Li
  • Stephen Lippi

    Stephen Lippi

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: The effects of zinc in transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease; how graduate students/professors can improve student performance in the classroom

  • Jennifer M Loya

    Jennifer M Loya

    Clinical Psychology: Substance misuse, borderline personality disorder, and suicidal behaviors among formerly incarcerated individuals

  • Robert López Jr.

    Robert López Jr.

    assessment; adolescence; emotion regulation; self-injurious thoughts and behaviors





  • Laura Rabbitt

    Laura Rabbitt

    Working Memory, EEG, Eye tracking, Pupillometry, Face Recognition, Memory

  • Raul Gabriel Ramirez

    Raul Gabriel Ramirez

    Sustained Attention, Workload, Physiological Workload Measures

  • Kristin Repchick

    Kristin Repchick

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Courtney Ricciardi

    Courtney Ricciardi

    advanced course selection, access to gifted programs, tracking, educational outcomes for low-income and minority populations

  • Daniel Micah Roberts

    Daniel Micah Roberts

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Auditory Cognition and Mental Workload Assessment

  • Alexa N Roth

    Alexa N Roth

    social-emotional development, the achievement gap, early childhood education


  • Andrew Christopher Salatino
  • Melissa Scheldrup

    Melissa Scheldrup

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: neuroenhancement, cognitive training, non-invasive brain stimulation, individual differences in training, use of automation tools in training

  • Shannon Schrader

    Shannon Schrader

    Clinical Psychology; offender rehabilitation, jail-based interventions, self-control

  • Maximillian L Shear

    Maximillian L Shear

    Applied Developmental Psychology

  • Rachel Shor

    Rachel Shor

    Clinical Psychology: implicit social cognition, interpersonal trauma, empowerment, multiculturalism

  • Daniel B Shore

    Daniel B Shore

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Statistical and Meta Analysis, Teams, Leadership, Job Performance, Rewards and Motivation, and Decision Making.

  • Amber G Shriver

    Amber G Shriver

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Relationship between Executive Functioning and Weight Management in Early Childhood; Educational Trajectories of Children with Emotional Disability (ED)

  • Michael Shulman

    Michael Shulman

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Teams, Multi Team Systems, Leadership

  • Meghann L Smith
  • Candice T. Stanfield-Wiswell

    Candice T. Stanfield-Wiswell

    Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience: Time Perception, Attention, Psychophysics

  • Melissa Stiksma

    Melissa Stiksma

    Clinical psychology: Psychological flexibility, distress tolerance, social anxiety disorder, positive psychology

  • Lucia Stillerova
  • Laura Stokes

    Laura Stokes

    Teacher professional development, psychology, developmental psychology, classroom quality


  • Brittany Thompson

    Brittany Thompson

    Mechanisms impacting social and emotional development; developmental disabilities; caregiver influences on development

  • Elisa M Torres

    Elisa M Torres

    Industrial and Organizational Psychology: leadership and team dynamics

  • Paige J Trojanowski

    Paige J Trojanowski

    Clinical Psychology: disordered eating, social comparison, body dissatisfaction, neuroimaging

  • Jillian Reba Troxler

    Jillian Reba Troxler

    Applied Developmental Psychology: social-emotional development, school readiness, at risk populations

  • Stephanie Tulk

    Stephanie Tulk

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Modeling, Artificial Intelligence and Citizen Science


  • Michael Waltrip
  • Patrick P. Weis

    Patrick P. Weis

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: embodied cognition, human-technology-interfaces, predictive coding

  • Emma D Whitmyre

    Emma D Whitmyre

    Clinical Psychology: Adolescent mental health and risky behavior, suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation, intervention work for at-risk adolescents, assessment of service use

  • Angelique B Williams
  • Caitlin Williams

    Caitlin Williams

    Clinical Psychology: Health risk behaviors (e.g. substance use, risky sexual behaviors), non-traditional interventions, adolescence, family and peer relationships, social media use in college students

  • Carolyn Winslow

    Carolyn Winslow

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Joseph A Wonderlich

    Joseph A Wonderlich

    Clinical Psychology: Impulsivity, Neuroimaging, Emotion Dysregulation

  • Carol Mindy Wong
  • Logan Woodhouse


  • Semret Yibass
  • Syeda Younus

    Syeda Younus

    Clinical Psychology: community resilience; help-seeking and service utilization; acculturation and acculturative stress; minority stress


  • Ze Zhu

    Ze Zhu

    Well-being, leisure, recovery, counterproductive work behaviors

  • Kevin Zish

    Kevin Zish

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Human Factors