Haoyu L

Haoyu L

Graduate Research Assistant

Applied Developmental Psychology

Current Research

I am particularly intrigued by the potential for intervention and positive change during early childhood. My research interest lies in exploring effective practices that schools and social systems can implement to intervene in the socioemotional and sociocognitive development of young children, with the ultimate goal of fostering long-term positive outcomes. 

Previously, I examined whether preschool teachers have an adequate understanding of children's tablet skills when more classrooms are incorporating tablets into teaching. I also studied whether teaching experience and educational achievements influence teachers' ability to deliver social-emotional teaching. Additionally, I delved into the nuanced process of capturing signs of growth/fixed mindset in very young children.

Currently, I am evaluating the quality of an early childhood program accreditation, and writing up a study on teacher involvement and child imaginative play.

Research Interests: 

Early childhood social–emotional development, mindset development, intervention/prevention research, program development and evaluation;

Culture and measurement 

Selected Publications

Mourlam, D. J., Strouse, G. A., Newland, L. A., & Lin, H. (2019). Can they do it? A comparison of teacher candidates' beliefs and preschoolers' actual skills with digital technology and media. Computers & Education, 129, 82-91.

Courses Taught

Teaching Assistant:

  • PSYC 301 Research Methods Lab
  • PSYC 300 Statistics Lab
  • PSYC 211 Lifespan Development

Instructor of Record:

  • PSYC 317 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYC 320 Psychological Tests & Measurement (Psychometrics with R)