Applied Developmental Psychology

What is applied developmental psychology?

Applied Developmental Psychology is concerned with enhancing and shaping developmental processes in individuals and contexts across the life span.  It uses the knowledge base and methodologies of developmental science to assist the development of individuals who vary in cultural and ethnic background, economic and social opportunity, physical, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities, and settings (e.g., families, neighborhoods, communities, and physical settings).


Mason's ADP program works to provide collaborative experiences for students. 

Every day, Mason faculty and students help solve pressing problems, illuminate important issues, and shape conversations. We work to answer questions of relevance through research, scholarship, and creative endeavors—any enterprise offering the chance to break new ground and have a meaningful impact. 

One of ADP's major goals is to train students to teach and do research on basic and applied issues in child development for employment in such settings as universities, research institutes, and organizations. Learn more about how our faculty are collaborating with other students in their research labs. At all levels, our students are able to provide valuable input to the research process resulting in award-winning publications and presentations at research symposiums.

Find out more about what our students are achieving.  

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