Mason Online Psychology (BS/BA)



It is possible to complete our Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology completely online. This online experience maintains the same quality of coursework and instruction as available in our in-person courses. These courses have been developed by experienced faculty members in collaboration with an instructional designer. The instructors are the same instructors who teach in-person classes in the department, and students are afforded the same access to instructors and academic advising as in-person students, through virtual meetings and online office hours.

The BS in Psychology focuses on math and science within the psychology field. Students study behavior as it relates to health and well-being, child and adolescent development, education, social situations, the workplace, and the use of technology. 

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology focuses on liberal arts and general education courses including a foreign language requirement, within the psychology field. A broad range of courses includes social psychology, abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology and biopsychology, as well as several of the department’s special topics courses such as forensic psychology and romantic relationships.

While all students at Mason are able to take online courses, students can register at the time of admission to be considered students in Mason Online, meaning they will complete all of their coursework online. This program is great for students who require additional flexibility in their undergraduate degrees, and for students who wish to attend Mason from anywhere in the world. 

**To apply for the online degree program select the Fairfax campus during your application process.**

In Addition

Mason Online students may also declare some of our minors fully online. We currently offer the following minors online: 

Psych Minor       Developmental

Forensic       Clinical Minor

If you are declaring the Bachelor of Science in Psychology you will declare the above minors as a concentration within the major, to learn more, click here