Graduate Training and Research

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Graduate Programs

The graduate programs in the psychology department focus on training students in the principles and applications of psychology through intense lab work, research, and coursework. Students receive lab-based mentorship and are trained to be researchers under the direction of faculty members who help to foster a collaborative environment.

The doctoral program in psychology has concentrations in Applied Developmental, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Human Factors and Applied Cognition, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. These intense, research-focused programs are designed to train students to conduct their own independent research focused on areas of their interest while working collaboratively with those in their field. 

The master of arts degree in psychology has concentrations in Applied Developmental Psychology, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Human Factors and Applied Cognition, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. These programs are designed to prepare students for real-world application of research and evidence-based practices relevant to their degree. The Industrial/Organizational Program has a separate Master of Professional Studies program that is completed exclusively online and is geared towards working adults. 

Students in the department have enjoyed great success and earned widespread respect for their research. Not only do students publish a great number of articles, book chapters, and proceedings and present at national and international conferences each year, but they have also received numerous national awards and secured their own extramural funding, such as NIH-awarded F31 training fellowships and NSF-awarded Graduate Research Fellowships. Graduates typically enter a range of careers focused on research or application of research.