Renee McCauley

Renee McCauley

Renee McCauley

Graduate Research Assistant

Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Sexual harassment bystander intervention, intersectionality, DEI

Renee is a second year Ph.D. student in George Mason's Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology program. Under Dr. Afra Ahmad's supervision, Renee discovered her passion for I-O research as a Mason undergraduate psychology honors student through her thesis on the intersectionality of accent and gender discrimination in hiring interviews. In graduate school, she has shifted her research focus to sexual harassment bystander intervention under Dr. Yijue Liang. Her current projects explore how the same bystander intervention actions are perceived based on the identity of the actor.

Prior to her time as a graduate student at Mason, Renee was second-in-command of a scale-up process serving company. In addition to overseeing local operations, Renee was a primary contact on the U.S. S.E.C.'s nationwide contract and supervised many complex, sensitive serves. Her lived experiences first as an employee, then manager, then executive, then partial owner inspire her to consider and account for all of the perspectives surrounding a given workplace issue.

A recurring theme in Renee's research interests is understanding how our multiple identities inform and affect our workplace experiences. Renee is also passionate about communicating research to the public accurately and convincingly and overcoming the academic-practitioner gap.

Grants and Fellowships

APAGS/Psi Chi                                          2023

Junior Scientist Grant ($1000)


Society of Consulting Psychology            2023

DEIA Research Grant ($1000)

George Mason University                        2023

Spring Undergraduate Research Scholars Program ($1,500)

George Mason University                        2022

Summer Intensive Undergraduate Research Scholars Program ($5,500)

George Mason University                        2022

Mason Impact MINI Grant ($500)


B.A. Psychology, George Mason University, 2023

Recent Presentations

Ahmad, A. S., Durrance, A. L., & McCauley, R. (2024). Combatting neurodiversity discrimination in the workplace [Workshop]. Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion Conference 2024, Seville, Spain.

Ahmad, A. S. (Co-Chair), McCauley, R. (Co-Chair), Cheung, H. K., Fletcher, K., Hideg, I., Offermann, L. Reynolds-Kueny, C., Hatif, H. S. (Non-Speaking). (2024). Caring for caregivers: Experiences and solutions to support caregivers in academia [Panel]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, United States.

Zhou, S. (Co-Chair), McCauley, R. (Co-Chair), Fletcher, K., Grabarek, P., Islam, S., Kath, L., Nelson, K., Rogelberg, S., Sawyer, K. Wiese, C., Yost, P., Morel, J. (Non-Speaking). (2024). Speaking up for your research: How to communicate your findings to a broad audience [Alternative Session]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, United States.