Shea Fyffe

Shea Fyffe

Shea Fyffe

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Assessment & Measurement, Game-Based Assessment, Natural Language Processing, Personality, Individual Differences, and Statistical Programming (predominantly in R)

I am doctoral student in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology Program working with Dr. Phil Lee. I was born and raised in Ohio. I attended Marshall University (West Virginia) for my undergraduate where I took interest in I/O Psychology. After graduating, I spent a year and a half in Omaha, Nebraska working as a research developer, map-maker, and test administrator. I then returned to academia; getting my master’s degree in I/O from Radford University. I worked as a Psychometric Data Analyst for roughly 3 year before being accepted to George Mason University. I love to hike and exercise, take mediocre landscape photos, play trivia/board games, and program in R until 3 a.m.

Selected Publications

Alaybek, B., Dalal, R. S., Fyffe, S., Aitken, J. A., Zhou, Y., Qu, X., Roman, A., & Baines, J. I. (2022). All’s well that ends (and peaks) well? A meta-analysis of the peak-end rule and duration neglect. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 170, 104149.

Fyffe, S., Lee, P., & Kaplan, S. (2023). “Transforming” personality scale development: Illustrating the potential of state-of-the-art natural language processing. Organizational Research Methods, 10944281231155772.

Green, J. P., Dalal, R. S., Fyffe, S., Zaccaro, S. J., Putka, D. J., & Wallace, D. M. (2023). An empirical taxonomy of leadership situations: Development, validation, and implications for the science and practice of leadership. The Journal of Applied Psychology.

Lee, P., Fyffe, S., Son, M., Jia, Z., & Yao, Z. (2023). A paradigm shift from “human writing” to “machine generation” in personality test development: An application of state-of-the-art natural language processing. Journal of Business and Psychology, 38(1), 163–190.

Lee, P., Joo, S.-H., & Fyffe, S. (2019). Investigating faking effects on the construct validity through the Monte Carlo simulation study. Personality and Individual Differences, 150, 109491.

Martin, L. N., Giff, S. T., Ribeiro, S., Fyffe, S., & Renshaw, K. D. (2022). Changes in relationship quality in the COVID-19 pandemic: Associations with pandemic stressors and couple communication. The American Journal of Family Therapy, 1–17.

Zhu, Z., Tomassetti, A. J., Dalal, R. S., Schrader, S. W., Loo, K., Sabat, I. E., Alaybek, B., Zhou, Y., Jones, C., & Fyffe, S. (2022). A test-retest reliability generalization meta-analysis of judgments via the policy-capturing technique. Organizational Research Methods, 25(3), 541–574.


M.S. I/O Psychology, Radford University, 2015

B.A. Psychology, Marshall University, 2012

Recent Presentations

Lei, X., Lee, P., Dubovoy, L., Zhou, Y., Lam, N., & Fyffe, S. (2019, November). A new investigation of the stability of job satisfaction: An application of second-order growth mixture modeling. Poster to be presented at the 2019 Work, Stress, & Health Conference, Boston, MA.

Fyffe, S. J. (October, 2019). Measurement is Fun. Invited presentation to Radford University’s Graduate Industrial-Organizational Psychology program. Radford, VA.

Fyffe, S. J. (June, 2019). An introduction to R in the Social Sciences. Invited presentation to Pepperdine University’s Graduate Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy program. Los Angeles, CA.

Fyffe, S. J. (September, 2017). The psychometric side of test development. Invited presentation to the Inteleos Board and Standing Committee Members. Tysons Corner, VA.

Fyffe, S. J. (September, 2016). Upping cognitive level. Invited presentation to the Inteleos Board and Standing Committee Members. Washington, D.C.

Fyffe, S. J. (August, 2014). Accomplishments of an HR Intern. Invited to give presentation of accomplishments and research at the 2015 NeighborWorks Training Institute. Orlando, FL.