Raymond J Lattanzio

Raymond J Lattanzio

Raymond J Lattanzio

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Raymond Lattanzio specializes in usability and human-centered design.  He works to improve human performance in complex systems and has applied his knowledge of the behavioral sciences to solve problems in the intelligence, aerospace, defense, and telecommunications business spaces.  

Dr. Lattanzio’s skills include: research design and conduct; human-centered design; user interface design and assessment; organizational study/assessment; information visualization; and instructional design.  His efforts have culminated in improved tools and work processes for government and industry.

Dr. Lattanzio has been an adjunct professor of psychology at George Mason University (since 2008) and Marymount University (since 2002) facilitating instruction in research methods, neuropsychology, human development, and industrial/organizational psychology.  He is employed full-time as a Lead Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton in McLean, VA.  Outside of work, he enjoys time with his family, plays guitar, skateboards, and hikes.  He also follows Pittsburgh Steelers football, Pittsburgh Penguins hockey, and Penn State sports.

Selected Publications

Lattanzio, R.J.  (2008). Critical review: prenatal fluoxetine exposure, neonatal toxicity, and developmental outcomes.  Doctoral dissertation, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.

Lattanzio, R. J. & Collins, B. D. (2006).  A user-focused evaluation method for the assessment of head-mounted display technology.  Proceedings of the IMAGE 2006 Conference.

Barnes, M. E., Kordell, G. J., Collins, B. D., & Lattanzio, R. J. (2005). Evaluating Software Interfaces Using a Cognitive-Centered Framework.  Booz Allen Hamilton Science & Technology Journal, 1(1), 49-59.

Jenness, J. W., Lattanzio, R. J., O’Toole, M., Taylor, N., & Pax, C. (2002).  Voice-activated dialing or eating a cheeseburger: which is more distracting during simulated driving?  Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 46th Annual Meeting.

Jenness, J. W., Lattanzio, R. J., O’Toole, M., Taylor, N., & Pax, C. (2002).  Effects of manual versus voice-activated dialing during simulated driving.  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 94, 363-379.

Munro, I., Knizhnik, S., Lowry, J. C., Lattanzio, R. J., Van Hemel, P. E., & Fuller, R. (1998).  User-interface design for large-scale data and information systems: what to do when the sky’s not the limit.  Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 42nd Annual Meeting.

Lattanzio, R. J. (1997).  The effects of cocaine exposure in “pediatric” age rats on spatial learning with and without the interaction of environmental stressors.  Master’s thesis, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.

Courses Taught

George Mason University – Psychology Department

Psychology 100:  Basic Concepts in Psychology

Psychology 301:  Research Methods in Psychology

Psychology 320:  Psychological Tests and Measurements

Psychology 333:  Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Psychology 399:  College to Career

George Mason University –Individualized Studies Department

Bachelor of Individualized Studies 390:  The Research Process

Bachelor of Individualized Studies 490:  Capstone Project Research

Bachelor of Individualized Studies 491:  Capstone Project Presentation

Marymount University – Graduate Psychology – Forensic Psychology Department

Forensic and Legal Psychology 502:  Research Methods

Psychology 517:  Neuropsychological Issues, Assessment, and Treatment

Marymount University – Department of Undergraduate Psychology

Psychology 101:  General Psychology

Psychology 210:  Human Growth and Development

Psychology 250:  Biological Bases of Behavior

Psychology 312:  Social Psychology

Psychology 323:  Industrial/Organizational Psychology


Doctor of Arts - George Mason University - 2008

Master of Arts - George Mason University - 1997

Bachelor of Arts - Penn State University - 1990