Angelique Williams-Pinnock

Angelique Williams-Pinnock

Angelique Williams-Pinnock

Adjunct Faculty

Diversity and inclusion; early childhood education; predictors and outcomes of STEM participation; leadership development

Angelique Williams-Pinnock is a Sr. Researcher and Technical Assistance provider. Dr. Williams provides research, evaluation, and technical assistance to federal, state, and local education entities to support early childhood education initiatives focusing on workforce and leadership development, sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion policies within programs, and data management architecture. She bridges the research and policy gap through translational science, data-informed decision making, data visualization, and professional development. Dr. Williams-Pinnock has worked extensively with school districts to create evidence-based recommendations for district-level improvement. She is passionate about using applied methods to inform change management and systems improvement for school districts and state agencies. Dr. Williams-Pinnock has also managed several state-level process improvement and program evaluation projects. 

Courses Taught

PSYC 211: Lifespan Development 

PSYC 300: Statistics in Psychology (Lab)

PSYC 304: Principles of Learning

PSYC 313: Child Development 

PSYC 379: Cross-Cultural Psychology

PSYC 418: Death, Dying and Grieving

SPSY 579: Lifespan Development within a School Context (Graduate)




2016 B.S. Psychology, Morgan State University

2018 M.A. Psychology, George Mason University

2020 Ph.D. Psychology, George Mason University