Part-time Faculty


  • Maggie Baisley

    Maggie Baisley

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Hideko Hamada Bassett

    Hideko Hamada Bassett

    Assistant Professor

  • Alok Bhupatkar

    Alok Bhupatkar

    Adjunct Faculty

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Leadership Development Systems, Training, Skill Decay, Career Progression, Coaching and Mentoring

  • Sarah P Bricker-Carter

    Sarah P Bricker-Carter

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Alexis Bridley

    Alexis Bridley

    Adjunct Faculty

    psychoeducational assessments

  • Phyllis Brodie

    Phyllis Brodie

    Adjunct Faculty

  • M Susan Burns

    M Susan Burns


    Development and learning of young children (preschool through Grade 3); young children's approaches to learning, cognition, and language; Effective professional development for adult learners


  • Jenna Calton

    Jenna Calton

    Adjunct Faculty

    Clinical Psychology: Intimate partner violence survivors’ perceptions of justice, ally development

  • Marie Ciavarella

    Marie Ciavarella

    Adjunct Faculty

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Executive and Leader Development

  • Jameela Nefertari Conway-Turner

    Jameela Nefertari Conway-Turner

    Adjunct Faculty

    Social and emotional development, school climate, and improving outcomes among Black youth

  • Mary S. Curby

    Mary S. Curby

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Sandy Liliana Dietrich

    Sandy Liliana Dietrich

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Dennis Doverspike

    Dennis Doverspike

    Adjunct Faculty

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Main areas of research include testing and psychometrics, personnel selection, legal issues in the workplace, and the psychology of emerging technologies.

  • Danielle Dufresne

    Danielle Dufresne






  • Darrell Harvey

    Darrell Harvey

    Adjunct Faculty

  • John Hawley

    John Hawley

    Adjunct Faculty

    Clinical Psychology

  • Sabine Heisman

    Sabine Heisman

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Kristi Jeanne Herndon

    Kristi Jeanne Herndon

    Adjunct Faculty

    Applied Developmental Psychology: the study of social and emotional competence, with a specific interest in preschoolers' emotion regulation

  • Eric Hutchison

    Eric Hutchison

    Adjunct Faculty

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Organizational behavior and development, community involvement in public safety selection and promotion, change management, and personnel psychology and selection.






  • Tracy Palmer

    Tracy Palmer

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Karin Alicia Pedemonte

    Karin Alicia Pedemonte

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Learning & Memory, Alzheimer's disease, mice

  • Lisa Pittman

    Lisa Pittman

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Samantha N Plourde

    Samantha N Plourde

    Adjunct Faculty

    Applied Developmental Psychology: How peers affect each others' education and social and emotional competence



  • Rebecca Jean Thompson

    Rebecca Jean Thompson

    Adjunct Faculty

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Occupational Health and Well-being; Work-family dynamics; Personality and Individual Differences

  • Greg Trafton

    Greg Trafton

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition


  • Marcus VanSickle

    Marcus VanSickle

    Adjunct Faculty

    Clinical Psychology: Military Suicide Prevention, Measure Development, Forensic Assessment Instruments


  • David M Wallace

    David M Wallace

    Adjunct Faculty

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Leadership Leader Development Leadership Development Leader/ship Development Assessment Leader Coaching Organizational research and statistical methods in I/O Psychology

  • Angelique Williams-Pinnock

    Angelique Williams-Pinnock

    Adjunct Faculty

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Diversity and inclusion; early childhood education; predictors and outcomes of STEM participation; leadership development