College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Clinical Psychology concentration in the PhD in Psychology

  • Lisa A Alexander

    Lisa A Alexander

    Clinical Psychology

  • Emily Boren

    Emily Boren

    Clinical Psychology: Clinical psychology: offender rehabilitation, values and character strengths, psychopathy

  • Lauren Breithaupt

    Lauren Breithaupt

    Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience, Eating Disorders

  • Catherine Byrne

    Catherine Byrne

    Clinical Psychology: the dissemination of evidence-based treatments for eating disorders, the etiology and maintenance of body dissatisfaction and disordered eating, and eating disorder prevention and early intervention

  • Sarah Carter

    Sarah Carter

    Clinical Psychology: PTSD and reactions to stress, suicide, military couples, social support, romantic relationships

  • Jordan M. Daylor

    Jordan M. Daylor

    Clinical Psychology: Forensic psychology, offender rehabilitation, program evaluation

  • Annamarie Defayette

    Annamarie Defayette

    adolescence, suicide, self-regulatory processes, prevention and intervention

  • Jennifer DiMauro

    Jennifer DiMauro

    Clinical Psychology: psychopathological responses to trauma

  • David J Disabato

    David J Disabato

    Clinical Psychology: Anxiety, Depression, Well-being, Strengths, Quantitative Methods

  • Jim Doorley

    Jim Doorley

    Clinical Psychology: adolescent suicide, adolescent alcohol and substance abuse, suicide prevention, risk factors for mental health issues in adolescence

  • Jason Feinberg

    Jason Feinberg

    Psychological well-being, emotion regulation, positive psychology

  • Johanna Folk

    Johanna Folk

    Clinical Psychology: offender rehabilitation, community connectedness, emotion regulation

  • Annie M. L. Fox

    Annie M. L. Fox

    Clinical Psychology: trauma, romantic relationships, health psychology, military and veteran populations

  • Kris T. Gebhard

    Kris T. Gebhard

    Clinical Psychology: interpersonal violence, violence against trans* women, empowerment

  • Sarah Thomas Giff

    Sarah Thomas Giff

    Clinical Psychology: PTSD, couples, military psychology, interpersonal impacts of psychopathology

  • Stefanie F Gonçalves

    Stefanie F Gonçalves

    Clinical Psychology: emotion-related impulsivity, adolescents, substance use, fMRI

  • Fallon Rachael Goodman

    Fallon Rachael Goodman

    Clinical Psychology: social anxiety; emotion regulation; well-being

  • Amysue Hansen

    Amysue Hansen

    Clinical Psychology: Adolescent romantic relationships, risk behavior, psychopathology.

  • Aaron David Hunt

    Aaron David Hunt

    Clinical Psychology: health, community, and social equity

  • Kerry Kelso
  • Jennifer M. Loya

    Jennifer M. Loya

    Clinical Psychology: Substance misuse and Borderline Personality Disorder among jail inmates

  • Robert López Jr.

    Robert López Jr.

    assessment; adolescence; emotion regulation; self-injurious thoughts and behaviors

  • Caitlin  Mauger
  • Claire E Niehaus
  • Lauren C Paige

    Lauren C Paige

    Clinical Psychology: PTSD and other trauma-related disorders; treatment-seeking behaviors following trauma

  • Naomi  Pak

    Naomi Pak

    Clinical Psychology: Eating disorders in adolescents, barriers to recovery, interventions, treatment outcomes

  • Jennifer Poon
  • Andrew Christopher Salatino
  • Shannon Schrader

    Shannon Schrader

    Clinical Psychology; offender rehabilitation, jail-based interventions, self-control

  • Rachel Shor

    Rachel Shor

    Clinical Psychology: implicit social cognition, interpersonal trauma, empowerment, multiculturalism

  • Paige J Trojanowski

    Paige J Trojanowski

    Clinical Psychology: disordered eating, social comparison, body dissatisfaction, neuroimaging

  • Emma D Whitmyre

    Emma D Whitmyre

    Clinical Psychology: Adolescent mental health and risky behavior, suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation, intervention work for at-risk adolescents, assessment of service use

  • Caitlin Williams

    Caitlin Williams

    Clinical Psychology: Health risk behaviors (e.g. substance use, risky sexual behaviors), non-traditional interventions, adolescence, family and peer relationships, social media use in college students

  • Joseph A Wonderlich

    Joseph A Wonderlich

    Clinical Psychology: Impulsivity, Neuroimaging, Emotion Dysregulation

  • Syeda Younus

    Syeda Younus

    Clinical Psychology: community resilience; help-seeking and service utilization; acculturation and acculturative stress; minority stress

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