Applied Developmental Psychology, PhD

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  • Hannah Adams

    Hannah Adams

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Gender discrepancies in Autism

  • Alena N Alegrado

    Alena N Alegrado

    Predictors and outcomes of in-school music enrollment

  • Janelle Applewhite

    Janelle Applewhite

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Sex/gender differences in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), camouflaging in Autism, ASD interventions


  • Sofie Caruso

    Sofie Caruso

    Applied Developmental Psychology

  • Emma G Casey

    Emma G Casey

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Early childhood education; emotion-focused teaching; feeding practices; emotion development; eating development; self-regulation; interoception/self-awareness

  • Isis Cowan

    Isis Cowan

    Applied Developmental Psychology


  • Lamin Fatty

    Lamin Fatty

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Child play, parent-child playful interactions, and parenting in relation to child social and emotional development


  • Vera Hawa

    Vera Hawa

    Applied Developmental Psychology

  • Alison Hundertmark

    Alison Hundertmark

    Applied Developmental Psychology: early childhood learning environments, parent engagement, interventions serving disadvantaged communities


  • Haoyu L

    Haoyu L

    Applied Developmental Psychology


  • Victor M Ortiz Cortes

    Victor M Ortiz Cortes

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Victor’s current research interests lie in understanding the impact of neighborhood factors on academic achievement and language development.


  • Vicki Rabii

    Vicki Rabii

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Early Childhood Care and Education; Preschoolers' Academic Development; Head Start Program Evaluation


  • Darian F Stapleton

    Darian F Stapleton

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Video Games, Creativity Development, Creativity Measurement Psychology of the Arts

  • Joshua Stein

    Joshua Stein

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Wellness and the Arts, ASD and ADHD, Role-Playing Games, Psychology and Law

  • Nicole J. Stucke

    Nicole J. Stucke

    Applied Developmental Psychology: executive function; behavioral persistence; children's understanding of gender-based stereotypes in STEM; meta-analytic review and meta-analysis; survival analysis

  • Megan Stutesman

    Megan Stutesman

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Embodied cognition, social cognition, social and emotional development, psychology of the arts


  • Tevis L Tucker

    Tevis L Tucker

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Student persistence within school music electives