Human Factors/Applied Cognition, PhD


  • Shawn Akridge

    Shawn Akridge

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Visual Attention, Working Memory, Response Inhibition, Cognitive and Physical Workload, Training, Skill acquisition and transfer, VR/AR/XR, Acute effects of intense exercise on cognitive functioning

  • Allegra M Ayala

    Allegra M Ayala

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition



  • Erika P De Los Santos

    Erika P De Los Santos

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Cognitive training, stress resilience, vigilance, attention, working memory, simulation training, serious games, virtual environments



  • Irene Feng

    Irene Feng

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: AI Ethics, Human-Machine Teaming, Bias


  • Ami Getu

    Ami Getu

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Adam Goetz

    Adam Goetz

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Virtual Reality, Space/Workstation Design, Situational Awareness, Human-Robot Interaction


  • Dual Herzog

    Dual Herzog

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Kyle Hunter Hickerson

    Kyle Hunter Hickerson

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Autonomous Vehicles, Trust in Automation, Aggressive Driving, Virtual Reality





  • Amie Mackay

    Amie Mackay

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Kara Masick

    Kara Masick

    Persuasion; Influence; Program Evaluation; Checklists; Bayesian Statistics

  • Ryan McGarry

    Ryan McGarry

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Distribution of Visual Attention, Cognitive Aging, and Cognitive Training using EEG and MRI

  • Lydia Melles

    Lydia Melles

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition

  • Salim Adam Mouloua

    Salim Adam Mouloua

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Vigilance, Neural Resource Theory, Applied Neuroimaging (fNIRS & ERPs)


  • Rachel Nguyen

    Rachel Nguyen

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Visual Attention and Search, Perception, Visuo-spatial Cognition, Augmented/ Virtual Reality



  • Harriet Sanya

    Harriet Sanya

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Stress, Human/ Team Performance, Factors that impact decision Making, Fatigue, and Vigilance in general aviation.

  • Emily Sharer

    Emily Sharer

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: political psychology, social media, disinformation, cognitive fatigue caused by technology

  • Heath Heath Sharp

    Heath Heath Sharp

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Trust in Automation, Trust Resiliency, and Trust Repair

  • Daniel Singer

    Daniel Singer

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition


  • Rydia Weiland

    Rydia Weiland

    Human Factors/Applied Cognition: Artificial intelligence, social robots, trust in automation, explainable AI