Honors FAQ

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Q: What's the difference between Psi Chi and Honors in the Major?

A: Psi Chi is the National Psychology Honor Society. Honors in the Psychology Major is a three-semester academic program at George Mason University in which students are given the opportunity to work closely with faculty to develop and investigate research questions leading to the completion of a thesis.

Q: Do my grades from other colleges and universities count for purposes of applying to Honors in the Major?

A: Yes, grades from other schools are an important consideration for acceptance into honors in the major.

Q: May I complete the program in less than three semesters or out of sequence?

A: No, the program must be completed in the three-semester sequence that begins each spring.

Q: When do I need to complete PSYC 300 and PSYC 301?

A: PSYC 300 Research Methods and Statistics should be completed by the end of the first semester as an accepted student in honors in the major. These courses play an integral part in the honors coursework.