John A. Aitken

John A. Aitken

John A. Aitken

Graduate Research Assistant

Within-person research, emotion, situational influences, telework, and performance

John is a second-year PhD student in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program working with Dr. Seth Kaplan. Prior to studying at Mason, John's undergraduate research experience at The College of New Jersey with Dr. Jason Dahling focused on religious diversity and political ideology. He was also involved in a project which studied the existence of the opportunity gap at The College.

Currently, John's research focuses on affective experiences at work, including projects on emotion regulation interventions, the psychological benefits of employment, and affective forecasting in performance contexts. He is also involved in a research project which uses experience sampling methodologies to study the daily performance-related impact of telework during COVID-19, exploring whether teleworkers are able to reap the benefits of time at home in terms of quantity and quality. 


B.A. Psychology and History, The College of New Jersey, 2019

Recent Presentations

Aitken, J., Kaplan, S., Wong, C., Pagan, O., Sikorski, E., Helton, W., Bradley-Geist, J., Craig, L., & Bayley, B. (2020, August). Leaning into discomfort: Accuracy of affective forecasts does not correlate with performance. Poster accepted at the meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.

Rodgers, C.E., Aitken, J., Emmert, A., & Dahling, J.J. (2018, April). Happy holidays? Explaining reactions to inclusive religious events at work. Poster accepted at the 33rd Annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Chicago, IL.