Steven Zhou

Steven Zhou

Steven Zhou

Graduate Professional Assistant

Leadership development, team leadership, motivation, education

Steven Zhou is a third year doctoral student in the Industrial & Organizational Psychology program, studying under Dr. Stephen Zaccaro and Dr. Philseok Lee. He previously received a B.A. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and M.A. in Religion from Pepperdine University. Prior to starting the Ph.D. program, he worked in human resources and data analytics for a 250+ FTE sales strategy department at a $1.44 billion global food subscription company. He has prior research experience in cross-cultural leadership and college student development, teaching experience in Organizational Behavior and K-12 speech & debate, and extensive corporate training experience including a leadership seminar at the Alibaba International HQ.

At Mason, Steven's research centers around leadership, personality, and psychometrics. He is currently working on projects in early childhood leadership development, new methods of conceptualizing and measuring leadership behavior, multidimensional forced choice (MFC) methods of measuring personality, faith and work, and text analysis methods of assessing job ads and syllabi. He won the 2021 International Leadership Association's Kenneth Clark Student Research Award for his work on leader behavior profiles. He also has taught undergraduate statistics and is a graduate TA for Mason's online Master's in I-O program, and was the 2021 Outstanding Grad Student Instructor award winner. Finally, he serves as the President of Mason's Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA). Outside of Mason, Steven is an Associate Contributor for Young Voices and Director of Finance & Administration for Project SHORT. Steven is interested in pursuing an academic career and is passionate about teaching, research, and policy in higher education.

Selected Publications

Zhou, S., & Field, J. G. (in press). Many forces at play: Ethical dilemmas in academic research. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.

McCarron, G. P., Zhou, S., Campbell, A., Kodama Muscente, K., & Schierbeek, E. (in press). We’re not working with a blank slate: Students’ pre-college leadership activities and perceived parenting behavior as predictors of college-based leader emergence and leader self-efficacy. Journal of Leadership Education.

Zhou, S., & Ahmad, A. S. (2020). Who's your audience? Expanding I-O teaching to non-I-O students. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 13(4), 585-589.

Courses Taught

PSYC 300: Statistics in Psychology
PSYC 379: Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology 
MGMT 313: Organizational Behavior (Writing TA)
PSYC 603: Research Methods (Online GTA)
PSYC 616: Selection (Online GTA)
PSYC 792: Practicum (Online GTA)


B.A. Industrial & Organizational Psychology, summa cum laude | Pepperdine University
M.A. Religion | Pepperdine University

Recent Presentations

Zhou, S., & Kuykendall, L. (2021, April 15-17). When infrastructure and ethics collide: A panel on ethical policy-making in higher ed [Panel discussion]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Convention, Online. [Presenters: Chen, G., Pierce, C. A., McAbee, S. T., & Thornton-Lugo, M. A.]

Zhou, S., Cannon, J. A., McEachern, P. J., Zaccaro, S. J., & Lee, P. (2021, April 15-17). A process-pattern model of personality and leader behaviors across gender and level [Poster session]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Convention, Online.

Zhou, S., & Kodama Muscente, K. (2021, April 15-17). Why do people work for free? A meta-analysis of volunteer motivations [Poster session]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Convention, Online.

Zhou, S. & Lee, P. (2020, August 6-9). Not much more than PsyCap? A new psychometric investigation using bi-factor exploratory SEM [Online poster session]. American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Washington, DC.

Lee, P., Joo, S. H., & Zhou, S. (2020, July 13-16). Detecting ideal point-based DIF using dominance-based DIF methods [Poster session]. International Meeting of the Psychometric Society 2020, College Park, MD. (Conference canceled)

Campbell, A., Zhou, S., McCarron, G. P., & Schierbeek, E. (2020, June 1 – Sept 1). Predictors of leader self-efficacy and leader role from early childhood activities and education [Poster session]. APS Poster Showcase, Online.

In the Media

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