Policies and Forms for Graduate Students in Psychology

Policies for Graduate Students

The Psychology Department is the largest department within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS). As such, we adhere to the polices and procedures outlined by the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs. Furthermore, the Psychology Department and CHSS are governed by university policies, which are set forth in the annual University Catalog.

All documents/requests requiring the signature of the dean must first be approved by not only your major advisor but your Program Coordinator and the associate chair for Graduate Academic Affairs. Students should coordinate with their Advisors/Program Coordinators to obtain signatures and forward all paperwork to the Graduate Program Coordinator (Room 2013F, David King Hall). The Graduate Program Coordinator will obtain the signature of the associate chair and forward the request to the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs for review.

The college web page Policies and Procedures for Graduate Students has detailed information on college policies regarding Grading/Appeals, Warning/Termination/Dismissal, 998/999 Enrollment, Degree Time Limits, Course Overloads, Consortium Requests, Special Registration, Full-Time Classification, Transfer/Reduction of Credit, Advancement to Candidacy, Dissertation/Thesis Committees and Voluntary Resignation from a Degree Program.

If you are planning on defending your dissertation or thesis, make sure you check out University Dissertation and Thesis Services. This is the only official place to receive information regarding final signature sheets, deadlines, and format review.