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Who Can Help You in the Department?

The Psychology Department Staff is here to help you navigate your Graduate school experience. While navigating the paperwork, regulations, and deadlines may be confusing, you are not expected to navigate this alone. Listed below are the staff members and their specialty areas. Please reach out to them if you have any questions regarding these specific problems. 


Tanie Boeddeker, Graduate Program Administrator

Advancing to Candidacy

Graduate Admissions Questions

Clinical Accreditation support

Clinical Open House Support

CRN for Graduate courses, including thesis and dissertation

Graduate Curriculum Coordinator

Graduate Orientation Questions

Graduate Program Support

Student Handbook Questions


Susan Ridley, Office Manager

Candidate interview Schedules

Candidate Liaison

Department Management

Facilities Requests

Faculty personnel Support

Personnel Hiring

IOPSA Foundation Payments

Space Inventory


Dave Cerri, Department Lab Manager

Lab Management

Equipment inventory

Printer Mapping

IT support


Kevin Clendening, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Advising Appointments

Adjunct Contracts and Hiring

Awards Ceremonies

Background Checks

Course Evaluations

Graduate Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant Hiring

Grading coordinator


Scantron Support

Summer Hiring

Syllabus Validation

Textbook Coordinator

Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinator

Undergraduate Committee Support

Website Coordinator


Paula Herrera, Administrative Coordinator

Brown Bag Coordinator

Business cards


Contact list

Copy Support


Equipment Checkout

Key Requests and Codes


Office Supplies

Room Reservations and Access

Poster Printing 

Telecom Orders

Undergraduate Newsletter

Social Media Coordinator


Deirdre Ward, Grants & Budget Administrator

Students and Faculty in Applied Developmental, Cognitive/Behavioral Neuroscience, and Human Factors 

All Grant and Indirect Account Related Activity Including Start Up and Research Accounts

Consultant in eVA

Cash receipts

Check requests

Grants, Budgets, and Associated Indirects

Internal Research Account

Non-Grant Accounts


OSP-Related Contracts and Personnel

Petty Cash


Recharge sim & fMRI Accounts