Funding Resources

This site provides information on available funding resources as a function of the intended audience as well as the type of funding. Please note that, in most cases, applications for funding must be submitted well in advance of the date on which funding is required (an exception is the Stay Mason Student Support Fund, which is meant to cover student emergencies and therefore has a quick turnaround time).

This site is intended to feature resources available at the university itself. However, students are also encouraged to search online for resources external to the university. For instance, such a search might include the following keywords: diversity funding psychology graduate students. Such a search would bring up a variety of graduate student fellowships and other resources intended for dissertation support, other research endeavors, conference travel, and so forth. Similarly, several external resources are available to undergraduate students (here, as an alternative to the keyword “funding,” the keyword “scholarship” can also be helpful).

Please reach out to a committee member if you would like to suggest an addition to this website.

Primarily for Undergraduate Students

Primarily for Graduate Students

Note: Applicants who receive an offer of admission to a doctoral program in the psychology department receive a funding package at the time of their admission offer, unless they have already secured external funding in a few cases. Generally, this offer includes a stipend, a full waiver of tuition, and eligibility for university-paid health insurance. These packages are awarded for the first 4 years of a student’s doctoral program upon the contingency that the student fulfills the terms of the financial offer and continues Satisfactory Academic Progress within their program. Funding is not guaranteed for MA or MPS students admitted to the program and opportunities are available on a competitive basis. Students are made aware of these opportunities via the psyc-ma email listserv as they are announced. MA and MPS students looking for resources, as well as PhD students looking for additional resources, should utilize the links listed below. In addition, several opportunities for graduate funding are sent out by email; students should monitor their Mason email account for these opportunities.

Funding Resources Primarily for Faculty