PhD in Psychology

Elizabeth Malouf, 2014

Elizabeth Malouf

Elizabeth Malouf, MA Psychology '10, PhD Psychology '14, is working as a psychologist at the Baltimore, MD, Department of Veterans Affairs medical center, where she is the coordinator of the Services for Returning Veterans - Mental Health (SERV-MH). Previously she worked as a staff psychologist in the Baltimore VA's PTSD/Substance Use Disorder residential treatment program. She continues to be involved with George Mason University's Human Emotions Research Lab.

While a graduate student at Mason, Dr. Malouf completed extensive training in both cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and clinical research methodology. She applies both her clinical and research training in her current role. She provides evidence based CBT interventions for posttraumatic stress disorder and related conditions for returning veterans. She applies her graduate research training to program evaluation and performance improvement projects as well as collaboration on clinical research projects.