MA in Psychology

Ami Patel

Ami Patel, 2023

MA in Psychology (with a concentration in Industrial-Organizational Psychology)

Ami Patel was the Director of Mason's chapter of the Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA), our in-house consulting firm that provides free consulting services to nonprofits while providing consulting experience to our industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology graduate students. Under Ami's stewardship, VPA has tackled several important initiatives, including mentoring students and faculty from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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Laura Stokes

Laura Stokes, 2017

Laura is studying applied developmental psychology as a research assistant in Dr. Tim Curby's lab, with research interests including structure and influence of education systems.

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Evan Kleiman

Evan Kleiman, 2010

Developing novel interventions for suicide risk reduction

Evan Kleiman is continuing to study suicide prevention strategies as a postdoctoral fellow and lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.

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