FAQs for Prospective Undergraduate Students

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FAQs in Applying to Undergraduate Psychology

Q: How do I apply?

A: See the How to Apply link for detailed information on the application process for undergraduate students at George Mason (scroll past the top graduate section).

Q: What are your application requirements and deadlines?

A: The requirements and deadlines for each degree are different. See the How to Apply link on the Mason Admissions page.

Q: If my application is submitted past the deadline, will I still be considered?

A. You may still apply. However, please note there are no guarantees that faculty will consider late applications.

Q: Do you accept the SAT Reasoning Test or the American College Test (ACT)?

A: Both SAT Reasoning Test and/or the American College Test (ACT) are accepted at Mason. Mason receives SAT and ACT scores electronically from each testing agency. Applicants should request scores to be sent directly from SAT and/or ACT. Student score reports will NOT be accepted. Learn more about freshman admissions requirements.

Q: What if I am a transfer student? Where do I start?

A: Transfer students come to Mason at different times in their academic careers. The GMU admissions office outlines the requirements needed.

Q: How do I know if George Mason (or any other school) is the right school for me?

A: You should read the websites of the schools you are interested in attending. Find out as much information about the department, their teaching methods, research philosophies, and overall attitudes towards scholarship and training as you can.

Q: If my grades and scores are just below the requirements, should I still apply?

A: We encourage all interested students to apply. However, we do adhere to stated minimum grade point averages and/or SAT scores. For specifics on these requirements, please visit the undergraduate admissions website

Q: What can I do with a degree in psychology?

Are you considering a major in psychology? Find out what you can do with a psychology degree in hand and be sure to connect with the University Career Services to take full advantage.


General FAQs for Prospective Students

Q: How do I learn more about Financial Aid?

The Office of Student Financial Aid is a great resource to help you finance your education. They can help you with everything from finding funding sources to helping you through the process. Be sure to check out the resources available to you and connect with your Financial Aid Officer.

Q: How do I balance being a student-athlete?

Do you plan on being a student-athlete when you become a Patriot? The Student-Athlete Affairs Office is there to help you make the most of your educational opportunities while excelling athletically.

Q: What is the student involvement on campus?

The Mason community is full of activities and groups. Check out all Student Involvement has to offer.

Q: What are the costs associated with attending Mason?

Stay up to date on the cost associated with college. The Student Accounts Office is a great resource for information about tuition & fees.  To learn more about the costs associated with housing, the Housing and Residence Life Office can provide information about rates and billing. Finally, the Mason Card Office can help provide information about meal plans

Q: Is there someone I can consult through the admissions process?

Applying to college can be a stressful event if you don't have the right information. Check in with the Office of Admissions and connect with your area's designated Admissions Counselors. This way you can stay up to date on the latest and learning about all the amazing opportunities that await you at Mason.