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Considering a graduate degree in the psychology department? The department of psychology supports high standards of scholarship to inform and improve a changing world. The graduate programs are distinguished by an emphasis on faculty-mentored basic research and the application of research to solving practical problems in families, schools, industry, government, and health care settings.

Research by faculty and students in the department has earned national respect as demonstrated by awards and, over the past several years, greater than $5.5 million in grants, over 185 conference presentations, and more than 180 articles and book chapters annually. The faculty are editors and associate editors for 11 different journals with new appointments annually.

PhD in Psychology

The goal of the doctoral program is to train students in the principles and applications of psychology. The program provides knowledge of the basic content areas in psychology and practical experience in applying this knowledge to solving human problems in life, work, and school.

Human Factors/Applied Cognition concentration in the PhD in Psychology

The Ph.D. program in Human Factors and Applied Cognition provides instruction and research training for students wishing to pursue careers in the academic, public, and private sectors.  Across all areas, a strong emphasis is placed on students developing a good understanding of cognitive theory, acquiring advanced methodological and statistical skills, and learning how to apply these tools to real-world human factors problems. 

MA in Psychology

The master’s degree in psychology has concentrations in applied developmental psychology, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, human factors/applied cognition, industrial/organizational psychology, and previously, school psychology and the school psychology graduate certificate. The department does not offer a master’s degree in clinical or counseling psychology, but a master’s degree in psychology with a concentration in clinical psychology is available for students who have been admitted to the doctoral program concentration in clinical psychology. An accelerated master’s option with a CBNR concentration is available to students in the psychology bachelor’s program (BS or BA).

Human Factors/Applied Cognition concentration in the MA in Psychology

Students in our MA program can elect to focus on either professional training or preparation for a doctoral program. Both tracks stress the analytic and empirical methodologies that are used in all phases of interactive systems design (where this is broadly defined to include any human-machine system). The power and interpretation of these techniques reside in their close ties to cognitive theory. The professional training track emphasizes coursework and practical experience; the doctoral preparation track involves students in ongoing research projects.

MPS in Applied Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Accelerated MA in Psychology (with a Concentration in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience)

Graduate Certificate in Applied Psychology

Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Neuroscience