Diversity Committee

Our Mission

1) To assist and encourage the Psychology Department in the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students;

2) To support the coverage of diversity in the Psychology curriculum;

3) To provide information to the Department concerning diversity resources and events at the university and the local community.


Dr. Leah Cattaneo   Dr. Thalia Goldstein   

 Dr. Lauren Cattaneo           Dr. Thalia Goldstein


Dr. Leah Adams  Dr. Afra Ahmad Dr. Allison Jack Dr. Alison Melley  

    Dr. Leah Adams              Dr. Afra Ahmad                Dr. Allison Jack                 Dr. Alison Melley     

Staff Representative

Tanie Boeddeker

Graduate Program Administrator
Tanie Boeddeker


Applying for Diversity Award

Every year students may apply to an award worth up to $6,000. These funds can be used for research, travel funds, conference costs, specialized training, or any other uses that will promote diversity in the psychology department. 

The recipients are chosen based on the quality and significance of the proposed project. We encourage all graduate students who have a research idea applicable to diversity to apply by going to our Awards Page. 


Student Inclusion Activities

In 2018, the Diversity Committee hosted a diversity workshop for students. Admin faculty from the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education (ODIME) were invited to discuss diversity and inclusion with students and GMU. 

The Diversity Committee routinely awards scholarships to students that either are from a diverse background or students who are working on topics that advance or promote diversity. A list of students awarded scholarships can be found here. 

The Diversity Committee occasionally hosts informal events in order to foster diversity inclusion. Examples of such events are diversity committee sponsored coffee get togethers, breakfasts, or lunches. 



The Diversity Committee works with program units to ensure diversity is considered during admissions.

The Diversity Committee works with the Psychology Department to ensure that diversity is considered when recruiting faculty. As such, a member of the Diversity Committee always sits on the faculty research committee.