Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Psychology

Candidates for this award must be a graduate student instructor of record in a stand-alone class. The committee will consider course evaluations, special innovations or efforts, and other factors. Students and faculty are encouraged to submit nominations for those they believe are most outstanding. The award covers classes taught in summer, fall, and spring semester of the last year of academics.

2021 Awardees

Karin Pedemonte

Karin Pedemonte

Honorable Mention
DaSean Young

DaSean Young

Honorable Mention
Steven Zhou

Steven Zhou


2020 Awardees

Tiancheng Chen

2019 Awardees

Paul Beatty

Lydia Craig

2018 Awardees

Alex Moffett

2017 Awardees

William Kochen

Caroline Neely

2016 Awardees

Stephen Lippi

Rachel Shor

2015 Awardees

David Disabato

Kyla Machell

2014 Awardees

Afra Ahmad

2013 Awardees

Phillip Gilmore

Kevin Young

2011 Awardees

Rebecca S. Morse

2009 Awardees

Regina M. Chopp

2008 Awardees

Julie Weismantel

2005 Awardees

David Linkous

2004 Awardees

Katie Baughman

Andrea Rittman