Faculty Choice Award Psychology

Candidates for this award must be seniors who have a minimum grade point average in their psychology coursework of 3.00, while having completed, by graduation, a minimum of 45 credits taken at GMU.  This award is designed to reward the senior psychology major who demonstrates an exceptionally high degree of interest, maturity, motivation, and effort in his/her psychology classes.  The primary focus of this award is the attitude of the nominated student.  In determining the recipient of this award, personal challenges or circumstances that the student has had to overcome can be considered.  In addition, community or campus involvement can be used to distinguish between candidates.  Grades should be used as a secondary consideration.

            Nominations for this award should be submitted to the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies (Erin Murdoch) by full-time or adjunct faculty with knowledge of the candidate’s personal circumstances and/or classroom attitude.  Nominations should include a statement of qualifications written by the faculty member, an unofficial transcript, and a resume of the nominee.

2005 Awardee

Karen  Dunn

Karen Dunn