Human Factors and Applied Cognition Concentration

Students pursuing the BA with a concentration in human factors and applied cognition take 12-13 credits. Students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.00 in all coursework applied to the concentration.

Students who successfully complete the Psychology Department Honors Program (PSYC 490, 491, and 492) with an honors thesis/project focused on human factors or applied cognition may, with approval of their thesis committees and the associate chair for undergraduate studies, substitute their honors work for one course in the concentration.

Students can receive the concentration in human factors and applied cognition by completing the required foundational course, PSYC 317, the required biopsychology course, PSYC 372, and two additional elective courses.

Note: a concentration is a narrow specialization within a student’s major/field of study. This is different from a minor, which is a secondary field of study a student pursues outside of their major.


All students have opportunities to

  • conduct independent research
  • engage in globally-related activities through coursework and language study at Mason and abroad
  • participate in many forms of public service
  • prepare for their future careers through internships, career-focused minors and other college-to-career activities