It’s not every day that you get to celebrate a 50-year anniversary, and we are thrilled to thank Dr. Jane Flinn for her many, many contributions to George Mason University and the Department of Psychology during her 50 years of service.

Dr. Flinn has been here since the department was known as the Department of Behavioral Sciences in 1970. When she became chair of the department in 1984, she helped create the program that we know today. She hired faculty members who have helped make psychology a primary research driver at Mason, and she led the creation of the Doctoral Program in Psychology, launching it as a PsyD program that – at the time – was one of only two doctoral programs at the university.

Her work, creating specialties within the MA program, introducing the Accelerated MA degree in Cognitive and Behavioral Neurosciences, and working to foster undergraduate and graduate research, has all been done in service to our students. While we, her colleagues, have benefitted from Dr. Flinn’s mentoring, example, and leadership, it is those students who have benefitted the most.

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Jane Flinn - 50 Years of Service


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Jane Flinn celebrates 50 years of service

Jane Flinn celebrates 50 years of service

George Mason University psychology professor Jane Flinn has achieved something few Mason faculty have: She’s celebrating 50 years of service. Flinn is only the second Mason professor to meet this milestone. Here are some fun facts we learned about her.

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