Steven Zhou Wins APA's 2023 Dissertation Research Award

Steven Zhou, an I-O (Industrial-Organizational) graduate student, was rewarded $5,000 in the 2023 Dissertation Research Award from the American Psychological Association (APA). The APA is a renowned organization dedicated to advancing psychology and its applications.

Steven's award-winning dissertation focused on "The Negative Effects of Shared Leadership: Understanding Why and When Shared Leadership Does Not Work Through an Experiment and Agent-Based Modeling."

Shared leadership, a concept where leadership responsibilities are distributed among a group rather than relying on a single leader, has gained popularity in organizational settings. However, Steven's research explored the flip side, uncovering the circumstances under which shared leadership can have adverse effects.

By conducting experiments and employing agent-based modeling, Steven offered valuable insights into the intricacies of shared leadership. His work not only sheds light on when shared leadership may falter but also contributes to a better understanding of how organizations can optimize their leadership structures.

Steven Zhou's research has the potential to influence and improve leadership practices in organizations, making him a standout figure in the world of psychology. Congratulations, Steven, on this well-deserved recognition!