Why Having Sex Makes You Feel Better the Next Day, According to Science

Todd Kashdan, Pat McKnight and Melissa Stiksma come together and are featured on TIME Health regarding the benefits of having healthy and sexually active lifestyle.

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       In a recent paper published in the Emotion journal and featured on TIME Health by Todd Kashdan, Pat McKnight and Melissa Stiksma along with other cohorts have used daily diaries to examine the link between sexual behavior and wellbeing. 152 college students were asked to keep a record of their sexual behaviors, emotions, and feelings every day for three weeks. People’s wellbeing was measured by their positive feelings, mood and how meaningful they felt that their life was each day. According to their publication in Emotion Journal, sex is rarely discussed in theories of well-being and rarely empirically examined using methods other than cross-sectional surveys.

Sex has long been linked to a longer life and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease in studies going back to the 1970's. New research, from the Mason team, suggest that it may have emotional benefits as well. Having sex seems to strengthen the bonds of relationships and adds happiness and meaning to life. Other possible explanations, according to Psychology Today article The Prescription for a Longer Life? More Sex

  • Frequent Sex improves immune function
  • Sexual activity is an exercise
  • It is a form of stress management
  • Close personal ties to your partner enhance health and extend your longevity

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