MPS in Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology (pending SCHEV approval)

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Degree Requirements

Total credits: 30

Note: As of catalog publication in April, the program described below has been approved by the Board of Visitors and sent to the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) for consideration as a new degree program. The university cannot accept applications or enroll students in this program until SCHEV approval has been granted. Check the school/department website for current program status.

Students should be aware of the specific policies associated with this program, located on the Admissions & Policies tab.

Fundamentals of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

PSYC 636 Survey of Industrial Psychology 3
PSYC 639 Survey of Organizational Processes 3
PSYC 616 Employee Selection 3
Total Credits 9

Principles of Research and Data Analysis in Psychology

PSYC 603 Psychological Research Methods 3
PSYC 601 Applied Data Analysis in Psychology I 3
PSYC 602 Applied Data Analysis in Psychology II 3
Total Credits 9

Application of Evidenced-Based Principles in Psychology

Complete two semesters (6 credits) of the following course: 6
Psychology Practicum
Total Credits 6


Select two courses from the following: 6
PSYC 618
Applied Leadership and Teamwork
PSYC 620
Motivation and Well-Being
PSYC 626
Organizational Change and Development
PSYC 627
Performance Management
PSYC 628
Benefits and Compensation
PSYC 629
Workplace Training
Total Credits 6
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