Kashdan Publishes Second Book

Todd Kashdan's first book Curious? Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life (William Morrow, 2009) is now available. This book challenges some conventional assumptions about how to create a fulfilling life. Instead of viewing happiness as the ultimate goal of life, instead of trying to search for order, safety, and certainty, instead of relying on what we know about people and how they are similar to us, the pleasures of uncertainty and novelty are emphasized. At the forefront is a neglected, poorly understood, essential ingredient to life fulfillment: curious exploration.

Todd Kashdan's second book is an edited volume Designing the Future of Positive Psychology: Taking stock and moving forward (Oxford University Press, 2009). Leading developmental, social, personality, and clinical psychologists from around the world weigh in on their definitions of positive and negative psychology, and speculate on how the two should be integrated.