2010 Convocations Celebrate Students

At the annual convocations this spring, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences marked the graduation of a high-achieving group of students. To the applause of record-breaking audiences, 3,000 graduate and undergraduate students crossed the stage to receive their degrees.

Graduate Convocation

On May 13, 2010, graduate students listened intently to Robert Pinsky, former U.S. poet laureate, speak to a full-house in the Center for the Arts.  Both students and faculty were recognized for their award winning work and over 400 master's and doctoral students were presented to the audience. 

Dean Jack Censer commended the students for their dedication to their disciplines and remarked on their abilities to be successful in the future.  Censer said, "Your ability to apply new ideas of history, psychology, philosophy, communication or any of the humanities and social sciences to the real world will elevate your own success and that of our collective group.  I say that today, more than ever, thinkers and idea-makers such as yourselves have become more important.  We need your skill, innovation and forward thinking to helps us meet the challenges that lay ahead."

Undergraduate Convocation

The following day, undergraduate students marched into the Patriot Center to an audience of over 9,000. The lively celebration was marked with repeated standing ovations to honor outstanding students and a feeling of excitement and hope for the future. 

Warren Brown, owner and founder, of CakeLove, delivered the convocation address. He spoke passionately about one's chosen path in life and the importance of being an active community member. The students were inspired by his words and grateful for his brevity. 

In conclusion Ted Arnn, the outgoing president of the George Mason University Alumni Association added his congratulations to the class for their achievements and urged all graduates to join his club -- the Alumni Association.