Lydia Melles Selected for Human Robot Interaction Fellowship

 Our Human Factors Applied Cognition PhD student Lydia Melles has been chosen to participate in this year’s Human-Robot Interaction Pioneers program! The HRI Pioneers program is an initiative designed to support early-career researchers and professionals who are making significant contributions to the field of human-robot interaction. Through this program, participants receive recognition and mentorship to further advance their work in developing innovative and impactful interactions between humans and robots.

Out of 25 students chosen worldwide, only 15 are from the U.S., and Lydia is proudly representing George Mason University among other notable institutions like MIT, Yale, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon. 

As part of the fellowship, Lydia will receive a travel scholarship covering all expenses associated with attending the conference. Set to take place in Boulder, Colorado, in March, this opportunity not only provides Lydia with a platform to showcase her research but also facilitates valuable networking and collaboration within the HRI community.

Lydia's achievement is a source of pride for the entire George Mason University community. Her participation in the Human-Robot Interaction Pioneers program not only elevates her academic journey but also reflects the university's commitment to nurturing future leaders in the field of human-robot interaction.

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