The Office of Research Innovation and Economic Impact (ORIE) Announces Seed Funding Winners

The Office of Research Innovation and Economic Impact (ORIE) has announced the results of the 2022 Seed Funding Initiative for two new seed funding opportunities: Building the Foundation: Early-Stage Research to stimulate the development of new research and scholarship initiatives; and Take It to the Next Level to advance scalable multidisciplinary projects for research and scholarship in Sustainability, Biohealth or Digital Innovation. The award within the Psychology Department include:

DobelExploring How Cues to Age-Related Dependence Foster Learning in Childhood, PI: Sabine Doebel, Department of Psychology (CHSS)


Improving Human-Machine Collaborations with Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems, PI: Elizabeth Phillips, Psychology (CHSS)



Check back for more details from our faculty winners!


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