Dr. John Riskind's New Book, Looming Vulnerability: Theory Research and Practice in Anxiety Will Be Released Next Month

Dr. John Riskind has co-authored a book on anxiety with Dr. Neil Rector, the first published volume dedicated to the model of looming vulnerability. It is called Looming Vulnerability: Theory, Research and Practice in Anxiety.

As described by the publisher, this book presents "the Looming Vulnerability Model, a nuanced take on the cognitive-behavioral conceptualization of anxiety, worry, and other responses to real or imagined threat. [This] allows for a more subtle understanding of the mechanisms and risk factors for the range of anxiety disorders as well as more elusive subclinical forms of anxiety, worry, and fear."

The book has already started to garner some positive reviews. Dr. Lauren Alloy from Temple University refers to it as "a major advance in understanding the cognitive and evolutionary basis of anxiety and other emotional disorders."  Dr. David Clark from the University of New Brunswick calls it "rich in its review of biological, cognitive, social, and behavioral research of anxiety."

This is Dr. Riskind's third co-authored textbook. He has also co-authored several articles on anxiety and cognitive styles, and is the founding editor of the International Journal of Cognitive Therapy.

The book is slated to be released on October 9th.