Lauren Cattaneo has done it again!

Lauren Cattaneo has done it again!

We are pleased and excited to announce the outcome of the 2018 Provost’s Curriculum Impact Grant (CIG) competition. This seed grant program supports the generation of innovative curricular ideas and pilot programs that enhance Masons' Impact and other cross-unit, multidisciplinary undergraduate and graduate curriculum development activities.

The Faculty and Curricular Activities committee and a team of peer reviewers evaluated 20 highly competitive submissions and selected 12 curricular projects to fund. Among these, Lauren Cattaneo, and her team working on "Honors College Civic Engagement" have walked away as one of the winners this year!

Curriculum Impact Grants support educational innovation that enhances Mason Impact and other cross-unit, multidisciplinary curriculum development activities.

Curriculum Impact Grants help faculty in revising existing and developing new curricula that: (a) deepen student development in at least one of the characteristics defined by Mason Impact, and (b) increase the percentage of Mason students who participate in some form of Mason Impact project. Priority in 2017-2018 was given to proposals that:

  • Scaffold undergraduate and/or graduate learning from intellectual discovery, to the development of specific knowledge and skills, and culminate in a high impact experience.
  • Engage faculty and staff from multiple units, departments, and divisions in sustainable multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Pilot models of multidisciplinary collaboration that are scalable and have potential to be expanded into new minors, concentrations, majors, and other programs.

These projects represent an impressive array of collaborations across colleges and schools aiming to create high-impact learning experiences for students, deepen their engagement and development, and prepare them for substantive impact on the world.

Lauren Cattaneo, along with John Woolsey, Dana Dolan, Blake Silver, Jan Allbeck, Anthony Hoefer, Jennifer Ashley, Lauren Cattaneo, Thomas Wood, Kevin Stoy, Maoria Kirker (CHSS, Honors, VSE, University Libraries) were all part of a collaborative effort working on Honors College Civic Engagement

This grant seeks support in developing four Civic Engagement (CE) impact-courses to enhance the Honors College’s curricular redesign efforts. As they have assessed the curriculum and its future form and function, it has become clear that civic engagement is an underdeveloped element of our curriculum. Their application seeks an opportunity to clarify, expand, and enhance this domain of learning. They proposed developing four new curricular CE opportunities (two new courses: HNRS 260 and 261, as well as CE-focused sections of HNRS 360 and 361) that build on a collaboration between the Honors College and other partners across the university. This course set will draw on the Mason Impact model to go above and beyond the baseline CE requirements set by SCHEV. Students will be required to take two courses: HNRS 260 or 261 AND HNRS 360 or 361.

These courses are scaffolded within the Mason Impact curricular structure so that the 200-level courses match the objectives of an apply-level course and the 300-level courses align with the create/lead level. The 260 and 360 courses are inquiry-based and situated in a traditional classroom environment, while the 261 and 361 courses are conducted in a problem-based learning setting where students work collaboratively to answer a question about civic engagement.

Congratulations once again Lauren! 

To see all the projects and to get more information, faculty members, about applying to the grant next year, click here!