Jennifer Green on Degrees of Freedom in SEM!

Jennifer Green on Degrees of Freedom in SEM!

Congratulations, Jennifer Green! Jennifer is an Industrial/Organizational Psychology Graduate student focusing on personality, statistical techniques, qualitative research methods, and personnel selection. She has just had a paper published on the Degrees of Freedom in Structural Equation Modeling also known as SEM. Congratulations on your publication! 

Below is a brief abstract of her paper.

"Structural equation modeling (SEM) has been a staple of the organizational sciences for decades. It is common to report degrees of freedom (df) for tested models, and it should be possible for a reader to recreate df for any model in a published paper. We reviewed 784 models from 75 papers published in top journals in order to understand df-related reporting practices and discover how often reported df matched those that we computed based on the information given in the papers. Among other things, we found that..."

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