Adjunct Professor Dr. Jeff Fernandez Collaborates with Kennedy Center

PSYC 734-004: Physical Ergonomics Kennedy Center Collaboration

Adjunct Professor Dr. Jeff Fernandez Collaborates with Kennedy Center

Dr. Jeffrey Fernandez is currently an adjunct professor in the psychology department at GMU, and teaches the graduate level class, Physical Ergonomics (PSYC 734-004). He is also the managing principal at JFAssociates, Inc. (, a Northern Virginia based consulting company specializing in ergonomics, process improvement, health and safety compliance, and time studies. He has a long standing relationship with the John F. Kennedy Center and provided his services to them on numerous occasions. This class was a perfect opportunity for his students to gain real hands-on experience.

Kennedy Center Illuminance Testing-Iain Smith & Ryon Cummings

            The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts is interested in ensuring that lighting conditions in their three main theatres is adequate for patrons to safely move about. We have been tasked to measure the lighting in these theatres and compare the results to the Illumination Engineering Society (IES) guidelines for lighting during both performances and intermissions. Lighting will be measured on the Concert Hall, Opera House, and Eisenhower Theatre box seats and vestibules using a light meter and will be especially collected around any stairs in these areas. Results will be presented to the Kennedy Center for making improvements to these seating areas.

Door Forces at the Kennedy Center-Sejla Petrovic & Mana Momen

            We will be testing the doors at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to see if they are in compliance with current ADA guidelines. We will be testing doors in the Concert Hall, Opera House, Eisenhower Theater, and the motor lobbies. The push pull force will be taken of the doors, as well as the dimensions and mechanisms. We will then give recommendations on how to better improve the doors and make them ADA compliant if they are not.

Kennedy Center Restroom ADA Compliance-Zach Dirazonian & Steven Chong

The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts is constantly looking to improve and maintain their compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The main goal of this project is to evaluate the public restrooms at the Kennedy Center. To achieve this, we are reviewing the current requirements for compliance to update their existing survey, evaluating all of the restrooms, and providing a comprehensive report of our findings. The staff can then use the findings to determine if modifications need to be made to the existing facilities.

Kennedy Center Pump Room Ergonomic Evaluation-Allyson Jayne

I am conducting a physical ergonomics project to assess workplace safety and regulatory compliance in partnership with the John F. Kennedy Center in D.C. The goal is to bring the pump room (the oldest room at the facility) into compliance with OSHA regulations while decreasing the risk of worker injury. Recommendations for changes will be made based off of physical measurements of stairs, handrails, and illumination of the room in comparison to OSHA standards.