PSYC 399: College to Career

PSYC 399: College to Career Image

In the spring of 2016, the psychology department started offering a College to Career course for the first time. This course has continued to grow and has proved to be an extremely valuable resource for students preparing to graduate. Dr. Michael Hurley, the instructor of the course, states, “Students who take this class should finish the semester with a polished resume, knowledge of how to compose an effective cover letter, knowledge of how to assess their own strengths, the ability to conduct an informational interview to learn more about potential careers of interest, and how to construct a budget and do effective salary research to aid them in conducting an effective salary negotiation with confidence.”

In fall 2018, the psychology department plans to offer this course online for the first time.

The content between the online and in-person sections will be very similar. According to Dr. Erin Murdoch, the undergraduate chair for the psychology department, “In the online version, students will complete similar assessment tasks and develop the same career materials that students in the in-person section currently do. The fully online students will not be required to attend the campus career fair, but they will be encouraged to take advantage of this valuable opportunity if they can.”

The psychology department is excited to offer the online version of the course for students who have demanding schedules or are unable to come to campus for a variety of reasons. Offering this course online provides a way for students complete their degree requirements in psychology, especially since this class fulfills the new professional development requirement. The psychology department is excited to see how this course continues to equip students to graduate and find good jobs in the years to come.