New Career Blog Launched for Psychology Students & Alumni


As part of the department’s initiative to promote professional development for psychology students, we launched a new career blog in February 2017. The career blog is intended for undergraduates, graduates, and alumni. Within the blog tabs for undergraduates and graduates, the posts are sorted into six categories: academics, internships, jobs, professional development, and research. The undergraduate tab also has a category, “Career Spotlight,” which is updated weekly with descriptions of careers that BA/BS Psychology students might consider upon graduation.

The “Alumni” tab describes a variety of former psychology students who have graduated from Mason, as well as where their career path post-Mason has taken them. In hopes of connecting alumni to current undergraduate and graduate students, the blog features a “Submit an Entry” tab where alumni or current students can write posts detailing their career journey and lessons learned along the way. If you are interested in submitting a post to be featured, write to us! 

Overall, the blog is a great platform to show students what a degree in psychology can offer. Visit the blog today to see what Mason’s Department of Psychology can do for you!