AAPI History Month in Psychology Highlights

A Brief History on Asian Psychology and Psychologists

Psychology like many other feilds have been traditionally dominated by white men in America. Making it hard for anyone else to break through in earlier years. In the early years of the feild it was hard to find any name in a textbook that was not, or still, is not anglo-saxon or of European descent being mainly discussed for their ideas in psychology. Why is that? If you would like to dig deeper into the racial biases in education and educate your self on this more, than please visit the link here. As this is a whole discussion within itself. This article is here to focus on Asian History Month and the changemakers of Asian decent in Psychology history. 

Below we have put together a few of the influential Asian Americans who have made their mark in the feild of Psychology. Please see the links to the right for more information and History. 


AAPI History Month Presentation by breanne kroehler


Additional Resources for more information on Asian American History in Psychology and to hear their stories from them.