Welcome Patriots to Fall 2018!

Welcome Patriots to Fall 2018! Image

A warm welcome to all new and returning Mason Psychology students! Did you know that we are one of the largest majors on campus? This semester alone, we added more than 350 new undergraduate students to the major. Make it one of your goals this semester to connect with your fellow Psychology majors, both in the classroom and beyond. Whether it’s joining the Psychology Club, volunteering in a faculty research lab, applying for the Honors Program in Psychology, or joining us for a Brown Bag Lecture, reach out and make the most of your time as an undergraduate student in the department. We’re happy that you’re here!

This fall issue is semester brings many construction sites on campus but most importantly new and exciting opportunities and changes in the Psychology Department! Some of these new changes include welcoming a new I/O faculty member, OSCAR student success, workshops, and more!  

There are great opportunities for students and alumni to get involved, build professional development skills, and put them into practice to establish a career. Specific examples include Forensic Psychology workshops, the new Hire Mason program called "Handshake", and keeping up to date with the Career Blog.

We hope you enjoy learning about all of the activities going on around campus and we are always excited to hear any news you have to share!

Stay connected to us by filling out the survey on the “Alumni” tab of our department website, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter