Student Highlights!

Undergraduate Student Highlight

Peyton Moore

Peyton Moore as Elsa from Frozen

During the early days of the pandemic when children were feeling alone and adjusting to their new normal. Senior Undergraduate Psychology Major, Peyton Moore, took to social media and decided to put one of her previous work uniforms to use.

For Peyton, one of the inconveniences of COVID and taking part in online classes has been all the emails to her inbox. Not including her secondary email either. She started creating videos as Queen Elsa from Disney’s wildly popular movie “Frozen,” that parents would request and then play for their stir-crazy youngsters.

“With everybody staying inside because of COVID-19, it feels good to give back and spread some positivity,” says Moore.

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Graduate Student Highlight

There are three Graduate students we would like to highlight who have made some remarkable accomplishments this year!

Brittany Thompson

Brittany Thompson

A Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology, Psychology Ph.D. student wins fourth annual Three Minute Thesis competition.

“Brand-new George Mason University Ph.D. Brittany Thompson had no problems delivering a three-minute talk on her research, “Pretend Play Across the Preschool Years,” in early May. She had already completed and defended her dissertation in applied developmental psychology.

Thompson was the first place winner of this year’s Three Minute Thesis® (3MT) competition, which includes a $1,000 award. She was one of 10 finalists competing remotely on May 9.” To read more on her accomplishment, click here.


Kris Gebhard

Kris Gebhard

A Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, May 2020. Combining Their Passions to Create a Career.

“Putting a hold on community organizing and activism work to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology was not an easy decision for Kris Gebhard, but one that they felt was necessary in order to better meet the needs of transgender and LGBQIA+ (a common abbreviation for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Intersex, Agender, Asexual, and Ally community) identified individuals.

“Most specifically, I felt called to research violence against trans women to inform efforts to stop the violence”

Kris’s diverse research work during their time at Mason included the Masculinity and Shame Questionnaire (MASQ), part of a greater program of research on causes of male violence in order to inform prevention interventions. It was designed with the support of Dr. Lauren B. Cattaneo, who…” to read more on this, click here.



My Nguyen

My Nguyen

An MA in Applied Developmental Psychology, May 2020. An Award-Winning Thesis with Personal Connections.

“When applying to graduate programs, My Nguyen said it was the people at Mason that made the decision for her.

“Everyone in the Applied Developmental Psychology (ADP) program was very nice and supportive and not overly competitive, which is something you might see in other institutions,” she said. “The students’ experiences as well as personalities is part of the reason I choose to be here.”

Dr. Adam Winsler’s work on bilingualism and early schooling for English language learners also drew her to Mason. Winsler served as her thesis advisor, and My was a member of his Winslab research group…” to read more on this, click the link here.


Congratulations to all of you! Keep up the hard and inspirational work in your communities. 


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