The Psychology Department Now Offers a Bachelor of Science Online

The Psychology Department Now Offers a Bachelor of Science Online Image

As part of a larger push for more online courses, the Psychology Department has recently expanded its online offerings, and now it’s possible to get a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s Degree completely online.

This online offering is perfect for those students who are interested in getting a BS, and focusing on the math and science within Psychology Field. As with in person classes, students will study behavior as it relates to health and well-being, child and adolescent development, education, social systems, the workplace, and the use of technology. These course were designed by instructors in conjunction with developers from the Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning who have taught them in person, customizing them specifically for students who will be taking them in an online setting. The best part is that all of the classes follow the same path as an in-person Psychology Degree, albeit online.

These online offerings are ideal for those students who wish to study at George Mason, but are unable to make it to the school. Because these courses were designed by our faculty, these programs offer the same type of information as our in-person classes, while students are able to review materials at their own pace. This is part of a larger Mason Initiative for more courses online. 

In addition to the BS degree, it’s possible to get a minor in psychology completely online as well. Students who are attending George Mason University completely online will be able to supplement their information Technology or Applied Science Degree by looking at some of the Psychology that goes into those degrees, just as those students who are on campus are able to get a minor to help supplement their degree.

On the Graduate side of things, the Master of Professional Studies in Applied Industrial and Organizational Psychology is the Psychology Department’s first completely online Master’s Degree. Designed by our Industrial/Organizational Faculty, this is a targeted program designed for those individuals who would like to focus in Human Resources, and those professionals to learn from Mason’s instructors how to optimize their workplaces.

With these changes, the department hopes to be able to reach more students and help them in their pursuit of higher learning.