Welcome New Psychology Faculty Members

George Mason University Psychology is happy to welcome four new professors to our department this 2019-2020 Academic Year. These new faces will help add to our overall mission of cutting edge research, providing a constructive learning environment for students, and helping as we strive to make our curriculum more accessible

Dr. DoebelSabine Doebel is joining Applied Development Psychology as an assistant professor. She received her Ph.D in developmental Psychology at the Institute of Child Development in Minnesota, and did her postdoctoral research at the University of Colorado – Boulder. Her focus is studying how children become capable of controlled thought and how children’s minds develop. She is working to promote open science practices in the field of developmental psychology, which will ultimately help researchers build on work. She recently did a TEDx talk, which is available here.

Also joining Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Concentration is Dr. Allison Jack. She also has a focus on Applied Development Psychology. She studied Jackat the University of Virginia, while doing her postdoctoral training at the Yale Child Study Center. She works with child psychopathology, social cognitive neuroscience, and imaging genetics. Her experience with children with autism spectrum disorder prior to her Ph.D has motivated her to study the factors that contribute to the development of autism. She specializes in the study of girls and women with autism, who are understudied and underrepresented relative to boys and men on the spectrum. Her current work involves combining fMRI studies along with behavior and genetics to explore what makes these underrepresented groups unique. She has previously received the Autism Science Foundation Grant while at George Washington University.

MelleyDr. Alison Melley has joined the department as an assistant professor to oversee the training of our graduate students who will be teaching our undergraduate courses. She received her Ph.D from the University of Virginia after having recently studied at West Chester University and Loyola University in Baltimore. She had been working at Montgomery College in Germantown, where she focused on online instruction. While working at Montgomery College, she primarily focused on teaching General Psychology, Child Psychology, and Educational Psychology. She has also presented at many different education related conferences aimed at examining how to work with students. Dr. Melley is also a member of our undergraduate faculty, teaching several courses.

The Industrial/Organizational Program has gained Dr. Deborah Rupp who has extensive expertise in workplace bias, employment related issues, behavioralRupp ethics, and the science of organizational research ethics, as well as many other areas that will help as the I/O group moves to put a brand new degree online. She has previously worked at the University of Illinois, a visiting professor internationally at Singapore Management University, the University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia. Her focus is on legal issues surrounding human resource management and equal opportunity, organizational justice, behavioral ethics, and corporate social responsibility. She currently serves on the SIOP’s Strategic Planning and Research Committee, and sits on several advisory boards.


Welcome to all of our new faculty members.