Debut of new Clinical Psychology minor and concentration

 Clinical Psyc

Clinical psychology is the largest specialty area in the field of psychology, accounting for approximately half of all jobs within the discipline. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts healthcare occupations to have the largest growth pattern from 2014 through 2024; many clinical psychologists may work as part of a health care team. Clinical psychology takes theories and research findings about people’s biological, psychological, and social functioning and applies it to the assessment, treatment, and prevention of mental illness and abnormal behavior.

At Mason, students working on their doctoral degrees in psychology may select a concentration in clinical psychology as they prepare for their work in the field. This opportunity is now available for undergraduates as of fall 2017. A new clinical psychology minor for non-psychology majors and concentration for psychology majors is intended to help students learn about the primary roles of clinical psychologists: assessment, treatment, research, prevention, and consultation with other health professionals. The students also learn about the research on underlying biopsychosocial causes of specific mental disorders and evidence-based assessment and treatment techniques. The minor could benefit any student who may work with psychologists in the future or want to better understand people’s psychological functioning.

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