Welcome back to Campus!

Welcome back to Campus! Image

Welcome back to campus everyone! We are so happy to see all, well half of, your bright and shining faces this Fall! Things are getting back to a better rhythm on campus and it seems college life is going back to a semblance of normality. 

Here in the Psychology department, we are always trying to make your experiences something to remember long after graduation. In this issue, we are welcoming new faculty, celebrating 30 years with Dr. Jerome Short, highlighting Outstanding students from the Spring Graduation Ceremony recognized by the College for their hard work, fMRI research over COVID, and Dr. Alison Melley's TA class on Teaching Practicum in Psychology. 

Being digital makes it harder to connect with your cohorts, we get that. Make it one of your goals while at Mason to connect with your fellow Psychology majors, both in the classroom and beyond. Whether it’s through joining the departments Mason360 page, the Psychology Club, volunteering in a faculty research lab, applying for the Honors Program in Psychology, or joining us for virtual Brown Bag Lectures in the fall, reach out and make the most of your time as an undergraduate student in the department. We’re happy that you’re here and are looking forward to helping you feel at home at Mason.

There are great opportunities for students and alumni to get involved, build professional development skills, and put them into practice to establish a career. Specific examples include Forensic Psychology workshops, the new Hire Mason program called "Handshake", and keeping up to date with the Career Blog.

Are you an Alumni? Stay connected to us by filling out our new “Where are they now?” survey on the “Alumni” tab of our department website under “connect with us”. We want to hear from our alumni about how you are doing, your successes, and any achievements you have accomplished since graduation. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter